17 Cd Australian Collectors Box

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CD 1: ’74 Jailbreak (Remastered)
CD 2: High Voltage (Remastered)
CD 3: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Remastered)
CD 4: Let There Be Rock (Remastered)
CD 5: Powerage (Remastered)
CD 6: If You Want Blood You've Got It (Remastered)
CD 7: Highway to Hell (Remastered)
CD 8: Back in Black (Remastered)
CD 9: For Those About to Rock... (Remastered)
CD 10: Flick of the Switch (Remastered)
CD 11: Fly on the Wall (Remastered)
CD 12: Who Made Who (Remastered)
CD 13: Blow Up Your Video (Remastered)
CD 14: The Razor’s Edge (Remastered)
CD 15: AC/DC Live (Remastered)
CD 16: Ballbreaker
CD 17: Stiff Upper Lip