Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 What Is This Thing Called Love 15:08
A2 Darn That Dream 5:18
B1 Move ?:??
B2 Medley: My Funny Valentine / Don't Worry 'Bout Me / Bess, You Is My Woman Now / It Might as Well Be Spring 11:36


Vinyl 1

recorded in:
Los Angeles, California, United States (1954-08-14) (tracks A1–A2, B2)
drums (drum set):
Max Roach (20th century US jazz drummer & composer) (1954-08-14) (tracks A1–A2, B2)
Clifford Brown (trumpet) (1954-08-14) (tracks A1–A2, B2)
Maynard Ferguson (1954-08-14) (tracks A1–A2, B2)
Clark Terry (American swing trumpeter) (1954-08-14) (tracks A1–A2, B2)
Keter Betts (1954-08-14) (tracks A1–A2, B2)
George Morrow (1954-08-14) (tracks A1–A2, B2)
alto saxophone:
Herb Geller (1954-08-14) (tracks A1, B2)
Junior Mance (1954-08-14) (tracks A1, B2)
Richie Powell (1954-08-14) (track A2)
tenor saxophone:
Harold Land (1954-08-14) (tracks A1–A2, B2)
George Gershwin (composer) (track B2)
Cole Porter (composer) (1929) (track A1)
Richard Rodgers (1937) (track B2)
Rube Bloom (American songwriter, pianist and vocalist) (1939) (track B2)
Jimmy Van Heusen (1939) (track A2)
Richard Rodgers (1945) (track B2)
Ira Gershwin (track B2)
DuBose Heyward (track B2)
Cole Porter (composer) (1929) (track A1)
Lorenz Hart (1937) (track B2)
Eddie DeLange (1939) (track A2)
Ted Koehler (1939) (track B2)
Oscar Hammerstein II (1945) (track B2)
Dinah Washington (1954-08-14) (track A2)
Chappell Music Ltd. (track B2)
Redwood Music Ltd. (Carlin) (track B2)
Scarsdale Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track A2)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996) (track B2)
Warner/Chappell (tracks A1, B2)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (track B2)
part of:
Academy Award for Best Original Song (number: 18) (track B2)
My Funny Valentine (arr. Bjørn Kruse) (track B2)
My Funny Valentine (arr. Andrea Figallo) (track B2)
is based on:
later translated versions:
medley including a recording of:
My Funny Valentine (from "Babes in Arms") (1954-08-14) (track B2)
Don’t Worry ’Bout Me (1954-08-14) (track B2)
Bess, You Is My Woman Now (Porgy and Bess; use this for non-operatic performances) (1954-08-14) (track B2)
It Might as Well Be Spring (State Fair) (1954-08-14) (track B2)
part of:
Babes in Arms (full musical) (track B2)
State Fair (1945 film soundtrack) (track B2)
State Fair (track B2)
State Fair (1962 film soundtrack) (track B2)
Wake Up and Dream (1929 revue) (number) (track A1)
recording of:
Darn That Dream (1954-08-14) (track A2)
What Is This Thing Called Love? (1954-08-14) (track A1)
referred to in medleys: