Limited Edition
UK limited edition 10″ with untitled remix of West End Girls, commonly referred to as the 10″ mix. Packaged in a circular fold‐out picture sleeve, sealed with a circular yellow picture sticker that identifies it as a ″collectors edition″. Some copies also included the standard UK 7″ (R6115) inside.

This version of ″West End Girls″ is the basis of the shorter version found on Razormaid Records Class X #3 CD. However Razormaid were not responsible for the original version found on this 10″.

The version of ″A Man Could Get Arrested″ is the Bobby Orlando production from the regular 12″ B‐side.

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10" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A West End Girls (10″ mix) 7:05
B A Man Could Get Arrested 4:11


10" Vinyl 1

David Jacob (track A)
Stephen Hague (track A)
Bobby Orlando (track B)
Pet Shop Boys (track B)
Pet Shop Boys (track B)
Frank Roszak (track B)
Chris Lowe (1/2 of Pet Shop Boys) (tracks A–B)
Neil Tennant (tracks A–B)
10 Music Ltd. (track A)
Cage Music Ltd. (track B)
Edition Meridian (track A)
CBS, Inc. (US broadcasting company; file no releases here!) (1984 –) (track A)
Cage Music Ltd. (1984 –) (track A)
recording of:
West End Girls (track A)


design:Chris Lowe (1/2 of Pet Shop Boys)
XL Design
photography:Eric Watson (photography)
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