Frisian Esperanto folk music.
It's been sixteen years since Kajto produced 'Kajto' (vkkd1) which was not only their first CD but the first 'real' album ever recorded by an Esperanto singing group. Just to say that Kajto is the authentic pioneer of an ever growing movement, and despite a two decade old career, their style remains a reference and their experience, both in studio and on stage, shows more than ever through this group's fifth album.

Kajto has always remained faithful to a thematic approach, every album telling a story, richly illustrated by accordions, banjos, flutes, guitars, mandolins, all played brilliantly along with choruses in the pure folk tradition of the Netherlands' and elsewhere.

This album tells us all about trains, with vapor, miniature, travelling with, whistling like, the depots, wandering musicians like Cisco Houston or Woody Guthrie. No facet of this vibrating metal world has escaped them, and welcome to whoever wants to share the trip, however, be careful not to lean out of the windows :-)
Kajto was rewarded with the 9th FAME Cultural Prize by the mayor of Aalen (Germany) in October 2004, and this album was presented at the same moment, duly validating the distinction. Part of the songs were recorded live in April 1998 during the Easter meeting in Frisian Broek.

Musicians in that album
Nanne Kalma : vocals, guitar, banjo, double bass, mandolin, synthesizers, train whistles
Marita Kruijswijk : vocals, recorders, shawm
Ankie Van der Meer : vocals
Marian Nesse : vocals, accordion

Recorded partly live at the Paska Renkontigxo (Easter Meeting) of the Dutch Esperanto Youth Organization in Broek (Friesland, the Netherlands), and partly at Windrose Studio in Burgum (Friesland). Sound engineers in Broek: Rein Zwerver and Jos Hollander Sound engineers in Burgum: Ad Bos and Nanne Kalma Graphics and CD booklet: Ankie & Nanne and Ad Bos Cover art: Sybranda Wieringa

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Medium 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Fajfu, jen la vivo 3:49
2 Cxuk 4:20
3 Montaraj Reloj 3:28
4 Melankolia Trajnkanzono 4:12
5 La Alarmobremso 4:32
6 Stacidoma Muzikanto 4:00
7 Stacidoma Tumulto 4:29
8 Mia Propra Trajno 3:30
9 La Malluma Vagono 4:11
10 Rulu nun 3:37
11 La Trajnobsedato 5:42
12 Atentu 1:53
13 Atentu: Kuriozajxo 3:36


Medium 1

Nanne Kalma (tracks 1, 3, 5–7, 11–13)
Marcel Redoulez (Esperantist) (tracks 1, 3, 5–7, 11)
Pyt Jon Sikkema (tracks 12–13)
Nanne Kalma (tracks 2, 4, 8–10)
later versions:
Atentu: Kuriozaĵo (track 12)
live recording of:
Fajfu, jen la vivo (track 1)
La Alarmobremso (track 5)
La Trajnobsedato (track 11)
Rulu nun (track 10)
Ĉuk (track 2)
recording of:
Atentu (track 12)
Atentu: Kuriozaĵo (track 13)
La Malluma Vagono (track 9)
Mia Propra Trajno (track 8)
Montaraj Reloj (track 3)
Stacidoma Tumulto (track 7)
version of:
Atentu (track 13)