Box set from CAM jazz label

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CD 1: Up and Down (Chico Freeman; Mal Waldron; Tiziana Ghiglioni)
CD 2: Update (Mal Waldron)
CD 3: Sometimes I'm Blue (Kim Parker)
CD 4: Sempre Amore (Mal Waldron & Steve Lacy)
CD 5: Dedication (Mal Waldron & David Friesen)
CD 6: Our Colline's a Treasure (Mal Waldron Trio)
CD 7: I'll Be Around (Tiziana Ghiglioni; Enrico Rava; Mal Waldron)
CD 8: Six Monk's Compositions (1987) (Anthony Braxton)
CD 9: Communiqué (Steve Lacy & Mal Waldron)
CD 10: Riding a Zephyr (Judi Silvano & Mal Waldron)
CD 11: Remembering Mal (David Friesen & Mal Waldron)