12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
G1 Reckless Life 3.35 3:20
G2 Nice Boys 3.25 3:02
G3 Move to the City 3.45 3:42
G4 Mama Kin 3.45 3:54
R1 Patience 4.55 5:53
R2 Used to Love Her 3.5 3:10
R3 You’re Crazy 2.85 4:08
R4 One in a Million 3.3 6:08


12" Vinyl 1

West Arkeen (1988-04-19) (track R2)
Ray Grden (1988-04-19) (track R2)
Rik Richards (US rock/metal guitarist) (1988-04-19) (track R2)
W. Axl Rose (1988-04-19) (track R2)
Izzy Stradlin (1988-04-19) (track R2)
Howard Teman (1988-04-19) (track R2)
Leif Cole (track G3)
Matt McKagan (horn) (track G3)
Guns N’ Roses (tracks R1–R4)
Steven Tyler (track G4)
Alan Abrahamson (tracks R1–R2)
Mike Clink (1987-07-29) (track R1)
Micajah Ryan (1987-07-29) (track R1)
Mike Clink (1988-04-19) (track R2)
Ron DaSilva (1988-04-19) (track R2)
Steven Tyler (track G4)
Mike Clink (tracks R1–R2)
Alan Niven (tracks G1–G3)
Hanspeter Heuber (producer and engineer) (tracks G1–G3)
Mike Clink (tracks R1–R4)
Guns N’ Roses (tracks G1–G4)
recording engineer:
Hanspeter Heuber (producer and engineer) (tracks G1–G3)
Steven Adler (tracks G3, R1–R4)
Gordon Leach (track G2)
Duff McKagan (tracks G3, R1–R4)
Axl Rose (tracks G1, G3, R1–R4)
Dallas Royall (track G2)
Slash (Guns N’ Roses guitarist) (tracks G1, G3, R1–R4)
Izzy Stradlin (tracks G1, G3, R1–R4)
Chris Weber (tracks G1, G3)
Peter William Wells (Rose Tattoo guitarist) (track G2)
phonographic copyright by:
The David Geffen Company (legal rights relating to Geffen Records) (1986) (tracks G1–G4)
The David Geffen Company (legal rights relating to Geffen Records) (1988) (tracks R1–R4)
Black Frog Music (tracks R3–R4)
Daksel Music Corp. (track G4)
Guns N’ Roses Music (tracks R3–R4)
Universal Music Publishing France (not for release label use!) (track R4)
mixed at:
Record Plant (aka “Record Plant” Los Angeles) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (tracks R1–R2)
recorded at:
Take One Studio in Burbank, California, United States (1987-07-29) (track R1)
Image Studio in Los Angeles, California, United States (1988-04-19) (track R2)
later parody versions:
Patients (2015 version) (track R1)
later translated parody versions:
live cover recording of:
Mama Kin (track G4)
Nice Boys (track G2)
live recording of:
Move to the City (track G3)
Reckless Life (track G1)
recording of:
One in a Million (track R4)
You’re Crazy (track R3)
Patience (1987-07-29) (track R1)
Used to Love Her (1988-04-19) (track R2)