12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Changing of the Guards 4 6:35
A2 New Pony 4 4:31
A3 No Time to Think 3 8:23
A4 Baby Stop Crying 4 5:21
B1 Is Your Love in Vain? 4 4:34
B2 Señor (Tales of Yankee Power) 4.5 5:44
B3 True Love Tends to Forget 4 4:18
B4 We Better Talk This Over 4 4:08
B5 Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat) 4 6:16


12" Vinyl 1

David Mansfield (track A1)
drums (drum set):
Ian Wallace (drummer, ex-King Crimson) (track A1)
bass guitar:
Jerry Scheff (track A1)
Steve Madaio (track B1)
David Mansfield (track A1)
guitar [lead guitar]:
Billy Cross (track A1)
electric guitar [electric rythm guitar]:
Bob Dylan (track A1)
electric guitar [rythm guitar]:
Steven Soles (track A1)
Bobbye Hall (track A1)
Alan Pasqua (track A1)
Steve Douglas (American saxophonist, flautist and clarinetist) (track A1)
background vocals:
Carol Dennis (track A1)
Jo Ann Harris (track A1)
Steven Soles (track A1)
Helena Springs (track A1)
Bob Dylan (1977-12 – 1978-04) (tracks A1, A3, B1–B5)
Bob Dylan (1978) (tracks A2, A4)
Bob Dylan (1977-12 – 1978-04) (tracks A1, A3, B1–B5)
Bob Dylan (1978) (tracks A2, A4)
Bob Dylan (track A1)
Special Rider Music (1978 –) (tracks A1–B5)
later translated versions:
Chaufför (track B2)
Hesch du mi gärn (track B1)
recording of:
Baby Stop Crying (track A4)
New Pony (track A2)
No Time to Think (track A3)


art direction:Tim Bryant (art director/designer)
design/illustration:George Corsillo
photography:Howard Alk
Joel Bernstein (photographer)
bass guitar:Jerry Scheff
electric guitar and lead vocals:Bob Dylan
guitar:Billy Cross
Steven Soles
keyboard:Alan Pasqua
mandolin and violin:David Mansfield
membranophone:Ian Wallace (drummer, ex-King Crimson)
percussion:Bobbye Hall
soprano saxophone and tenor saxophone:Steve Douglas (American saxophonist, flautist and clarinetist)
background vocals:Carolyn Dennis
Jo Ann Harris
Steven Soles
Helena Springs
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