12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Ace of Spades 5 2:58
A2 Stay Clean 5 2:58
A3 Metropolis 5 3:30
A4 The Hammer 5 3:04
A5 Iron Horse 5 3:57
A6 No Class 4 2:33
B1 Overkill 5 5:25
B2 (We Are) The Road Crew 5 3:31
B3 Capricorn 5 4:35
B4 Bomber 5 3:23
B5 Motorhead 5 4:36


12" Vinyl 1

Eddie Clarke (Motorhead guitarist) (tracks A3, B2)
Phil Taylor (former Motörhead drummer) (tracks A3, B2)
Ian Fraser Kilmister (“Lemmy” from Motörhead) (tracks A3, B2, B5)
Guy Lawrence (1975) (track A5)
Phil Taylor (former Motörhead drummer) (1975) (track A5)
Ian Fraser Kilmister (“Lemmy” from Motörhead) (tracks A3, B2, B5)
Derek Brown (Motörhead) (1975) (track A5)
Vic Maile (tracks A1–A6, B4–B5)
Vic Maile (1981-03-30) (tracks B1–B3)
Eddie Clarke (Motorhead guitarist) (tracks A1–A2, A4, A6–B1, B3–B4)
Phil Taylor (former Motörhead drummer) (tracks A1–A2, A4, A6–B1, B3–B4)
Ian Fraser Kilmister (“Lemmy” from Motörhead) (tracks A1–A2, A4, A6–B1, B3–B4)
Motor Music Ltd (Motörhead publisher) (tracks A1–A2, B4)
recorded at:
Queens Hall in Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom (1981-03-28) (tracks A6, B4)
Newcastle City Hall in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England, United Kingdom (1981-03-30) (tracks A1–A3, B1–B3)
compiled in:
Stay Clean (Stay Clean / Metropolis live, 1981-03-30) by Motörhead (tracks A2–A3)
is the basis for:
Overkillers (track B1)
later parody versions:
AIDS in Space (track A1)
later translated parody versions:
Sorvarihumppa (track A1)
later translated versions:
De schoppen aas (track A1)
L'ass de picch (track A1)
No Class (track A6)
Rauta-airot (track A5)
live recording of:
Ironhorse (1980-02-07 – 1980-04-20) (track A5)
Bomber (1981-03-28) (track B4)
No Class (1981-03-28) (track A6)
Motorhead (1981-03-29) (track B5)
The Hammer (1981-03-29) (track A4)
(We Are) the Road Crew (1981-03-30) (track B2)
Ace of Spades (1981-03-30) (track A1)
Capricorn (1981-03-30) (track B3)
Metropolis (1981-03-30) (track A3)
Overkill (Motörhead song) (1981-03-30) (track B1)
Stay Clean (1981-03-30) (track A2)