7" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 How to Become a Virgin
The Locust 0:46
A2 Who Wants a Dose of the Clap?
The Locust 0:55
A3 Twenty‐Three Lubed‐Up Schizophrenics With Delusions of Grandeur
The Locust 0:50
A4 Priest With the Sexually‐Transmitted Diseases Get Out of My Bed
The Locust 0:33
A5 The Half‐Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You in His Office
The Locust 0:48
B1 Too Rough to Scoop (Find a Grain of Greed)
Melt‐Banana 1:38
B2 Creeps in a White Cake
Melt‐Banana 1:27


7" Vinyl 1

Bobby Bray (track A1)
Joseph Karam (track A1)
Justin Pearson (US punk vocalist & bassist) (track A1)
Gabe Serbian (track A1)
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