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To make a long story short this is what happened in a nut shell. During the wild days of Key West in the 80s I decided to make a live recording at the Bull and Whistle. So Dan Simpson, who owned Private Ear recording studio, said "Let's do it." He ran cables from the old stage under the stairs to an old office on the second floor. He was equipped with a 4 track reel-to-reel, a few Shure SM 58's, and the knowledge of having no idea of what to expect since neither of us had ever recorded a live recording before. Years passed, records and cassettes became replaced by CDs. Danny's studio grew with the times. Tape was replaced by computers. He mailed the original 4-track reels to me and they sat. They sat for 20 years. I lost track of them until I was doing some "spring cleaning." My picking buddy Terry Cassidy said "Pat, see if they are any good," so I gave the old reels to Terry and he gave them to Dan who had to "bake" them to see if they were savable. Danny Simpson called back a few days later and said he was not only able to save the reels but I would be surprised to know that Dan Mulberry had introduced me. Prior to this knowledge I was content to just have a copy as a kind of keepsake memory, but all that changed. You see Dan Mulberry passed away on September 10, 2004. He was 46 years old. He was a Star to the city of Key West and certainly one of the most popular and beloved figures that ever played on Duval St. He had an unmistakable voice and never made any recordings. To those of us who knew and loved him, this alone was reason enough to re-release this recording. So here's to Terry Cassidy for prodding me to do this in the first place, to Danny Simpson for recording saving and turning this into a CD. To Ben Harrison for taking the cover photo, and to Danny Mulberry for the final say so. To sum it up they all said "Danny wasn't here for a long time, he was here for a good time."

PS. We put some new stuff on this as well as some things I was doing at Dan's studio. I never really finished it but it shows where I was at the time and where I was heading.

Enjoy the memories! Pmc.

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Medium 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Can't Help But Wonder
2 Sweet Heaven
3 Hang Me (Been All Around the World)
4 I Know You Rider
5 That's the Way That the World Goes Round
6 Over the Waterfall
7 Fat and Sleezy
8 Whiskey for Breakfast
9 Gunga Din
10 Doc's Guitar
11 Peace Keeper
12 Light of the World
13 Final Exit
14 Windy and Warm
15 Guy's Waltz
16 Lighter Than Air