Hatchback and Sorcerer's project Windsurf's "Weird Energy" made a smash hit in Japan this summer. Their success has revealed the eclectic dance music nurtured in the US west coast, crossing the beach culture and psychedelic culture. Ryan Bishop as know as The Beat Broker is another significant creator in the San Francisco scene alongside with Windsurf. The Beat Broker was born in 1975 and raised in Southern California. His earliest musical influences include radio synth pop and soon after, mid-80s hip-hop by such artists as Eric B. & Rakim and EPMD. It's these production styles of sampling, updating and remixing that would later become a huge influence on his own work. Working at the local college radio station in the late 90s opened the door to a variety of electronic music. He has been known as a member of the website 'The Dream Chimney' that started introducing obscure dance music in 1997 together with Windsurf, where they got attention from disco diggers worldwide. In year 2000, he formed Broker/Dealer with his production partner Ryan Fitzgerald. Mixing the dubby west coast house music from San Francisco's rave scene, and melodic techno from Germany represented by the likes of Kompakt label, 2003 album "Initial Public Offering" was highly acclaimed by west coast's top DJs as Doc Martin. At the same time, he started producing disco, synthesizer music, old school electro, fusion inspired music as The Beat Broker. Although most of his edit works from Lee Ritenour "COUNTDOWN (CAPTAIN FINGERS)" to Tatsuro Yamashita "Love Talkin'" are not release, he is known for his good taste of selecting the sample and his floor friendly production. After joining the compilation album "Drive The 5" released from Sentrall, a label founded by one of The Dream Chimney's members Rollmottle, he has released many original tracks from Belgium label Flexx and many other obscure house/disco labels. This piece is a compilation of his remix works and is a Japan debut release on Catune, which is Kensuke Saito's project 9dw's label. Joining 9dw's remix album "rmx" in 2010 lead to this release. Including Sorcerer's new band Shock's remix there are 5 unreleased tunes. His production smoothly crosses over from disco, west coast house, to melodic techno, and it has an adult oriented mellow vibe that blends with cosmic synthesizer sounds. His first full length original album "Limited Time" will be released on UK label Bear Funk in 2013, and this compilation on Catune is a Japan exclusive project and will be presenting his talent ahead of the world. Also you can enjoy it as a nice guide to world's quality alternative labels from L.A.'s 100% Silk, Adult Contemporary to Prins Thomas's Internasjonal based in Norway and more.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Unknown Pleasures (The Beat Broker remix) Beatfanatic 6:55
2 Odyssey (The Beat Broker dub remix) Future Feelings 6:57
3 The Violet Sequence (The Beat Brokers Winter Beard dub) Hatchback 7:47
4 Foam Fangs (The Beat Broker Full Moon mix) Jonas Reinhardt 7:55
5 Ultraviolet (The Beat Broker Ultra dub) Lord of the Isles 7:18
6 Sancho (The Beat Broker remix) Marbeya Sound 7:04
7 Intergalacitc Lover (The Beat Broker Vocal dub) Martin Virgin 7:25
8 Heaven (The Beat Broker dub mix) Shock 6:41
9 Year Song (The Beat Broker Space mix) Rollmottle 7:55
10 Light as Daylight (The Beat Broker Neon Razor dub) Windsurf 7:08