Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 The Path to Glory ~Theme of Bartz~ Sixto Sounds 4:12
2 Edge of Valor ~Theme of Knight~ Nutritious 3:58
3 Gentle Fist ~Theme of Monk~ DarkeSword 5:03
4 A Healer's Touch ~Theme of White Mage~ Avaris & Level 99 3:08
5 In the Shadows ~Theme of Thief~ Another Soundscape 3:14
6 Little Black Book ~Theme of Black Mage~ DarkeSword 4:03
7 Lore of the Ancients ~Theme of Blue Mage~ AeroZ 3:54
8 Vessel of the Void ~Theme of Exdeath~ zircon 3:35
9 See You Next Time ~WIND~ DarkeSword 1:57


Digital Media 1

AeroZ (video game arrangement) (track 7)
Another Soundscape (video game arrangement) (track 5)
Avaris (video game arrangement) (track 4)
DarkeSword (OverClocked ReMixer) (tracks 3, 6, 9)
Level 99 (OverClocked ReMixer) (track 4)
Nutritious (OverClocked ReMixer) (track 2)
Sixto Sounds (video game arrangement) (track 1)
zircon (American electronic musician, composer and audio technician) (track 8)
植松伸夫 (video game, film & anime composer known for Final Fantasy) (tracks 1–4, 4–8)
植松伸夫 (video game, film & anime composer known for Final Fantasy) (track 7)
part of:
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR02091) (order: 1965) (track 1)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR02092) (order: 1966) (track 7)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR02093) (order: 1967) (track 8)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR02094) (order: 1968) (track 3)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR02149) (order: 2021) (track 6)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR02228) (order: 2099) (track 2)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR02229) (order: 2100) (track 5)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR02230) (order: 2101) (track 4)
Final Fantasy Preludes (number: FF05) (order: 5) (track 4)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 11110) (order: 511) (track 8)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 11112) (order: 512) (track 4)
cover recording of:
はるかなる故郷 (Final Fantasy V) (track 3)
古代図書館 (Final Fantasy V) (track 5)
封印の書 (Final Fantasy V) (track 6)
幻惑されて (Final Fantasy V) (track 7)
火力船 (Final Fantasy V) (track 2)
覇王エクスデス (Final Fantasy V) (track 8)
is the basis for:
My Home, Sweet Home (Vocal version of Final Fantasy V song) (track 3)
うたかた (Final Fantasy V, Mahoroba) (track 3)
later versions:
Esperança Do Amor (Final Fantasy Vocals I) (track 4)
はるかなる故郷 (Final Fantasy Vocals II) (track 3)
medley including a cover recording of:
プレリュード (Final Fantasy V) (track 4)
親愛なる友へ (Final Fantasy V) (track 4)
part of:
Final Fantasy V (video game soundtrack) (tracks 1–4, 4–8)

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