12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 So What
4.35 3:35
A2 Sober
4 4:12
A3 I Don’t Believe You
3.4 4:36
B1 One Foot Wrong
3 3:25
B2 Please Don’t Leave Me
4 3:52
B3 Bad Influence
3 3:36
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Rating Length
C1 Funhouse
4.5 3:25
C2 Crystal Ball
4 3:26
C3 Mean
3 4:18
D1 It’s All Your Fault
4.5 3:52
D2 Ave Mary A
4 3:16
D3 Glitter in the Air
3.5 3:47


12" Vinyl 1

MachoPsycho (songwriter and producer team) (track B3)
Billy Mann (US songwriter/producer) (track B3)
Max Martin (tracks A3, B2)
P!nk (US pop singer) (tracks A3–B3)
Butch Walker (track B3)
Eg White (track B1)
Marcella Araica (track A2)
Nate Hills (US producer Nate Hills) (track A2)
Kara DioGuardi (track A2)
Max Martin (track A1)
P!nk (US pop singer) (tracks A1–A2)
Shellback (track A1)
music videos:
So What by P!nk (track A1)
sampled by:
recording of:
Bad Influence (track B3)
I Don't Believe You (track A3)
One Foot Wrong (track B1)
So What (track A1)
Sober (track A2)
referred to in medleys:
Polka Face (track A1)

12" Vinyl 2

Jimmy Harry (pop music composer) (track C1)
Tony Kanal (track C1)
Billy Mann (US songwriter/producer) (tracks C2, D2–D3)
Max Martin (track D1)
P!nk (US pop singer) (tracks C1–D3)
Shellback (track D1)
Butch Walker (track C3)
Pete Wallace (track D2)
sampled by:
recording of:
Ave Mary A (track D2)
Crystal Ball (track C2)
Funhouse (track C1)
Glitter in the Air (track D3)
It's All Your Fault (track D1)
Mean (track C3)