Soprano: Sheila Armstrong
Baritone: John Carol Case
Choir: London Philharmonic Choir
Original recording: (p) 1968

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 1a. A Song for All Seas, All Ships: Behold, the Sea Itself Ralph Vaughan Williams 3:12
2 1b. A Song for All Seas, All Ships: Today a Rude Brief Recitative Ralph Vaughan Williams 4:59
3 1c. A Song for All Seas, All Ships: Flaunt Out, o Sea, Your Separate Flags of National Ralph Vaughan Williams 2:34
4 1d. A Song for All Seas, All Ships: Token of All Brave Captains Ralph Vaughan Williams 4:49
5 1e. A Song for All Seas, All Ships: A Pennant Universal Ralph Vaughan Williams 3:44
6 2a. On the Beach at Night, Alone Ralph Vaughan Williams 3:41
7 2b. On the Beach at Night, Alone: A Vast Similitude Interlocks All Ralph Vaughan Williams 6:45
8 3. Scherzo: The Waves Ralph Vaughan Williams 7:29
9 4a. The Explorers: O Vast Rondure, Swimming in Space Ralph Vaughan Williams 4:27
10 4b. The Explorers: Down From the Gardens of Asia Descending Ralph Vaughan Williams 7:48
11 4c. The Explorers: O We Can Wait No Longer Ralph Vaughan Williams 5:06
12 4d. The Explorers: O Thou Transcendent Ralph Vaughan Williams 3:05
13 4e. The Explorers: Greater Than Stars or Suns Ralph Vaughan Williams 1:20
14 4f. The Explorers: Sail Forth Ralph Vaughan Williams 2:27
15 4g. The Explorers: O My Brave Soul Ralph Vaughan Williams 4:02


CD 1

balance engineer:
Robert Gooch (British classical sound engineer, active from late 1950's) (tracks 1–15)
baritone vocals:
John Carol Case (English baritone) (1968-09-23 – 1968-09-25) (tracks 1–15)
choir vocals:
London Philharmonic Choir (1968-09-23 – 1968-09-25) (tracks 1–15)
chorus master:
Frederic Jackson (1968-09-23 – 1968-09-25) (tracks 1–15)
Walt Whitman (19th c. American poet, essayist, and journalist) (tracks 2–7)
Ralph Vaughan Williams (English composer) (1903 – 1909) (tracks 1–15)
Sir Adrian Boult (conductor) (1968-09-23 – 1968-09-25) (tracks 1–15)
Walt Whitman (19th c. American poet, essayist, and journalist) (tracks 1, 8–15)
London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) (1968-09-23 – 1968-09-25) (tracks 1–15)
Christopher Bishop (conductor/producer) (tracks 1–15)
soprano vocals:
Sheila Armstrong (soprano) (1968-09-23 – 1968-09-25) (tracks 1–15)
recorded at:
Kingsway Hall in London, England, United Kingdom (1968-09-23 – 1968-09-25) (tracks 1–15)
compiled in:
part of:
recording of:
Symphony no. 1, "A Sea Symphony": III. Scherzo. The Waves (1968-09-23 – 1968-09-25) (track 8)


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