12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 The Great Marsh 2:04
A2 Rhayader 3:02
A3 Rhayader Goes to Town 5:20
A4 Sanctuary 1:06
A5 Fritha 1:20
A6 The Snow Goose 3:12
A7 Friendship 1:44
A8 Migration 2:02
A9 Rhayader Alone 1:50
B1 Flight of the Snow Goose 2:41
B2 Preparation 3:53
B3 Dunkirk 5:25
B4 Epitaph 2:07
B5 Fritha Alone 1:39
B6 La princesse perdue 4:46
B7 The Great Marsh 1:23


12" Vinyl 1

Peter Bardens (founding member of the British progressive rock group Camel) (tracks A1–B7)
Andrew Latimer (tracks A1–B7)
recording of:
Dunkirk (track B3)
Epitaph (track B4)
Friendship (track A7)
Fritha (track A5)
Fritha Alone (track B5)
La princesse perdue (track B6)
Migration (track A8)
Preparation (track B2)
Rhayader (track A2)
Rhayader Alone (track A9)
Sanctuary (track A4)
The Great Marsh (tracks A1, B7)
The Snow Goose (track A6)