For pressing: matrix "824 499 - 1 1 Y 320"/"824 499 - 1 2 Y 320" "AA 824 499 -1.1 Y"/"AA 824 499 -1.2 Y"/PRS Hannover
The times @ are (currently) wrong
The following songs from the album were shortened for the LP:
* 1. "So Far Away" from 5:12 to 3:59
* 2. "Money for Nothing" from 8:26 to 7:04
* 3. "Walk Of Life" from 4:12 to 4:07
* 4. "Your Latest Trick" from 6:33 to 4:46
* 5. "Why Worry" from 8:31 to 5:22

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 So Far Away
5 3:59
A2 Money for Nothing
A3 Walk of Life
4.3 4:07
A4 Your Latest Trick
A5 Why Worry
B1 Ride Across the River
4 6:57
B2 The Man’s Too Strong
4.25 4:40
B3 One World
3.5 3:40
B4 Brothers in Arms
4.55 7:00


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
Omar Hakim (tracks A1–B4)
bass guitar:
John Illsley (tracks A3, B1–B4)
Mark Knopfler (tracks A3, B1–B4)
John Illsley (tracks A1–A2, A4–A5)
Alan Clark (keyboardist) (tracks A1–B4)
Guy E. Fletcher (tracks A1–B4)
guitar family:
Mark Knopfler (tracks A1–A2, A4–A5)
additional drums (drum set):
Terry Williams (drummer) (track A2)
additional composer:
Sting (singer, songwriter & member of The Police) (track A2)
assistant mixer:
David Greenberg (tracks A3, B1–B4)
Bruce Lampcov (tracks A3, B1–B4)
assistant recording engineer:
Steve Jackson (recording engineer) (tracks A1–B4)
background vocals:
Guy E. Fletcher (tracks A3, B1–B4)
John Illsley (tracks A3, B1–B4)
Mark Knopfler (tracks A1–B4)
Neil Dorfsman (tracks A1–B4)
guest background vocals:
Sting (singer, songwriter & member of The Police) (track A2)
Mark Knopfler (tracks A1–B4)
Neil Dorfsman (tracks A1–B4)
Mark Knopfler (tracks A1–B4)
Mark Knopfler (tracks A1–B4)
phonographic copyright by:
Mercury Records Ltd. (not for release label use!) (1985) (tracks A3, B1–B4)
Phonogram Ltd. (London) (company name, NOT a label!) (1988) (track A3)
Mercury Records Ltd. (London) (for copyrights use only) (1996) (tracks A3, B1–B4)
Chariscourt Ltd. (tracks A1–B1, B1–B2, B2–B3, B3–B4, B4)
Rondor Music (London) Ltd. (tracks A1–B1, B1–B2, B2–B3, B3–B4, B4)
mixed at:
recorded at:
AIR Studios Montserrat in Montserrat (tracks A1–B4)
later parody versions:
Monkeys for Uncles (track A2)
recording of:
Brothers in Arms (track B4)
Money for Nothing (Dire Straits song) (track A2)
One World (track B3)
So Far Away (track A1)
Walk of Life (track A3)
Why Worry (track A5)
Your Latest Trick (track A4)