The Alan Lomax Collection Sampler

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recording location & year:
Mississippi, 1947: 6.
Mississippi, 1959: 2, 36.
Virginia, 1959-60: 3-4, 35.
Alabama, 1959: 5.
Grenada, 1962: 7.
St. Lucia, 1962: 8.
Trinidad, 1962: 9-11.
Hebridies Islands, 1953: 12.
Dublin, 1951: 13.
Scotland, 1951: 14.
London, 1951: 15, 34.
England, 1955:
Spain, 1952: 17-20.
Italy, 1954: 21-25.
Mississippi, 1942: 30-31, 37.
South Carolina, 1937: 32.
Louisiana, 1934: 33.

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CD 1
1Speaking to Charles Kuralt (1991 interview)
Alan Lomax0:25
2I'm Going Home
Ervin Webb & group2:10
3The Girl I Left Behind
Spencer Moore & Everett Blevins2:51
4The TitanicBessie Jones & group2:23
Alabama Sacred Harp Singers1:44
6Early in the Mornin'
'22' & group2:07
7Roll, Roll, Roll and Go
Irene McQueen & Chorus1:18
8Luce-O, Luce Mauvais
9Sambo Caesar
Cyprus Smith & Group1:41
Growling Tiger, Lord Iere & Indian Prince1:59
11Religious Bhajan
Ram Gopaul1:44
12Tha Mulad, Tha Mulad
Annie Nicholson and Group1:15
13As I Roved Out
Séamus Ennis1:56
14The Sister's Lament
Flora MacNeil1:26
15The Four Loom Weaver
Ewan MacColl1:36
16The Jovial Tradesman
Bob & Ron Copper1:41
17Jota Manchega
Jesus Ordonez Orchestra2:38
18Fandango de Comares
Inez Munoz2:04
20Pastores de Bormujo
Campanilleros de Bormujo1:36
21La Partenza
22O Giglio é Beni Constrastatu
Antonia, Giuseppe & Maria Pingitore1:08
Eugenio Pila1:45
24Canto di Carrettiere
Domenico Lanza1:43
25Ballo del Tamburo
Aristide Pasquale & Group1:52
26Ma uitai spre rasarit
Maria Lătărețu2:25
27Esashi Oiwake
28Gendèr Wayang
The Ubud Gamelan1:16
29Rain Dance
George Buck0:31
30John Henry
Glen Stoneman2:23
31Devil's Dream
Sid Hemphill1:03
32Ten Pound Hammer
South Carolina Ditch Diggers1:17
33Mâlheureuse Nègre
Cleveland Benoit & Darby Hicks1:29
34My Son David
recording of:
Edward (aka My Son David / Henry)
lyricist and composer:
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
part of:
Child Ballads (number: 13) and Roud Folk Song Index (number: 200)
Jeannie Robertson2:44
35Hawkins County Jail
recorded in:
Tazewell County, Virginia, United States (on 1959-08-24)
Hobart Smith (on 1959-08-24)
Hobart Smith (on 1959-08-24)
Hobart Smith2:38
3661 Highway
Fred McDowell3:06
37Low Down Dirty Blues
Son House2:22
38Bound to Lose
additional performer:
Tom Glazer, Alan Lomax, Margaret Johnson ("Honey Chile") and Pete Seeger
Woody Guthrie & group1:34



recording engineer:Alan Lomax
ASIN:US: B0000002UH [info]