Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Can't Stop Now!
M&O 3:07
A2 Black Sheep
M&O feat. Nico Segal 4:58
A3 Ars Poetica
M&O 4:09
A4 Tiny Soldiers
M&O 3:49
A5 Lift Up
M&O feat. Chance the Rapper 4:49
A6 1108 Troy Davis
M&O 3:25
A7 Providence (interlude)
M&O 2:26
A8 I.O.U.
M&O 5:08
A9 The Covenant
M&O 3:12
A10 Art of the Toast
M&O feat. Enrico X 5:31
A11 The Joy
M&O 4:58
B1 House
M&O 3:27
B2 Run!
M&O 4:36
B3 Jimi Savannah
M&O 3:52
B4 It Was the Song
M&O 3:41
B5 Hollow
M&O 5:19
B6 Blue
M&O 3:56
B7 Neighbor
M&O 5:13
B8 When Pigs Fly
M&O 4:28