Additional credits:


Venue Information

Recorded and mixed: "the church", Québec, Canada
Additional recording: Win Butler and Régine Chassagne's house; St. James Anglican Church, Bedford, Québec, Canada; Église St. Jean Baptist Church, Montreal, Canada; Unknown location, New York, NY; Hungarian National Radio Studios, Budapest, Hungary (Orchestra and Choir)
Additional mixing: Olympic Studios, London, UK
Mastering: Metropolis Studios, London, UK

Orchestra and Choir sessions:

Session coordination and editing: Michael Pärt
Orchestra contractor: Csaba Lokos
Copyist: Daryl Griffith
Gospel singers (tracks 8 & 11) session coordinator: Katherine Cram
Thanks: Ven. Dr. Brian A. Evans, Archdeacon of Bedford (assistance during St. James Anglican Church recording); Église St. Jean Baptist Church, Montreal, Canada (use of organ)

Album cover shoot:

Production assistance: Jean-Luc Della Montagna for NúFilms
Director of photography: François Miron
Costumes: Renata Morales
Thanks: McGill Synchronized Swim Team; Jenny Craig; Elle Nunnerley-Paquette; Chloe Vice; Michelle Adelman


Website: Vincent Morisset; Olivier Groulx
General thanks: Scott Rogers (Quest Management); Liza Shaw (friendship love)
Name Neon Bible from novel by John Kennedy Toole, used with permission of Grove Press Inc. c/o Macintosh & Otis Ltd.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Black Mirror 3.35 4:11
2 Keep the Car Running 3.5 3:29
3 Neon Bible 4 2:16
4 Intervention 4.65 4:19
5 Black Wave/Bad Vibrations 3 3:57
6 Ocean of Noise 4.35 4:53
7 The Well and the Lighthouse 3 3:56
8 (Antichrist Television Blues) 4.65 5:10
9 Windowsill 3 4:16
10 No Cars Go 4.65 5:43
11 My Body Is a Cage 4 4:47


CD 1

additional mixer:
Arcade Fire (tracks 1, 10)
Arcade Fire (tracks 1–11)
Arcade Fire (tracks 1, 3–11)
guest brass:
Jacob Valenzuela (track 6)
Martin Wenk (track 6)
guest harp:
Liza Rey (tracks 1, 7)
guest choir vocals:
Shauna Callender (tracks 8, 11)
Joanne Degand (tracks 8, 11)
Chantel Gero (tracks 8, 11)
Tasha Gero (tracks 8, 11)
Jean Sherwood (tracks 8, 11)
Arcade Fire (tracks 1, 3–11)
Arcade Fire (tracks 2–9, 11)
Nick Launay (tracks 2, 4, 6–9, 11)
Mark “Spike” Stent (producer, engineer) (tracks 1, 10)
Markus Dravs (tracks 3, 5)
Régine Chassagne (tracks 1–2, 10)
Owen Pallett (Canadian composer, violinist, keyboardist & vocalist) (tracks 1–2, 10)
Arcade Fire (tracks 1–11)
Hadji Bakara (tracks 1, 3, 11)
recording engineer:
Scott Colburn (engineer / producer / musician) (tracks 1–11)
Markus Dravs (tracks 1–11)
Will Butler (Arcade Fire) (track 2)
Win Butler (track 2)
Jeremy Gara (track 2)
Timothy Kingsbury (track 2)
Richard Reed Parry (track 2)
Régine Chassagne (track 2)
part of:
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 79) (track 2)
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 329) (track 10)
later translated versions:
recording of:
Black Mirror (track 1)
Intervention (track 4)
My Body Is a Cage (track 11)
Neon Bible (track 3)
No Cars Go (track 10)
Ocean of Noise (track 6)
Windowsill (track 9)


art direction and design/illustration:Tracy Maurice
additional design/illustration:Morgan Charles
Maggie Fost
photography:Christophe Collette (photographer)
additional recording engineer:François Chevallier
Alex Droomgoole
Dave Emery (recording engineer)
Michael Feuerstack
Tom Hough
Sharon Levinson
James Ogilvie
recording engineer:Dénes Rédly
mastering:Frank Arkwright (UK mastering engineer)
guest brass:Pietro Amato
Edith Gruber
Margaret Gundara
Jake Henry
Laurent Ménard
Geoffrey Shoesmith
Colin Stetson
Andreas Stolzfus
guest cello:Mélanie Auclair
guest viola:Marika Anthony-Shaw
guest violin:Owen Pallett (Canadian composer, violinist, keyboardist & vocalist)
conductor:István Silló
chorus master:Peter Drucker
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ASIN:UK: B000MMLODS [info]
UK: B000MMLOE2 [info]