12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Hustlin' and Bustlin' 3:45
A2 There's a Small Hotel 2:40
A3 What's the Reason (I'm Not Pleasing You?) 4:55
A4 's Wonderful 5:52
A5 Sister Kate 4:00
B1 When It's Sleepy Time Down South 5:23
B2 Flaky 3:12
B3 Shoe Shine Boy 2:30
B4 Fine and Mellow 7:13
B5 Ad Lib Blues 4:26


12" Vinyl 1

Edmond Hall (American jazz clarinetist, bandleader) (1951) (tracks A4–A5, B5)
Al Drootin (1954-06-09) (track B1)
drums (drum set):
Jo Jones (1951) (tracks A4–A5, B5)
Bobby Donaldson (1954-05) (tracks A1–A3, B2–B4)
Buzzy Drootin (1954-06-09) (track B1)
Ruby Braff (1951) (tracks A4–A5, B5)
Ruby Braff (1954-05) (tracks A1–A3, B2–B4)
Ruby Braff (1954-06-09) (track B1)
double bass:
Milt Hinton (1954-05) (tracks A1–A3, B2–B4)
double bass [bass]:
John Fields (Jazz bassist) (1951) (tracks A4–A5, B5)
Milt Hinton (1954-05) (tracks A1, B4)
Kenneth Kersey (1954-05) (tracks A1–A3, B2–B4)
tenor saxophone:
Sam Margolis (1954-05) (tracks A1–A3, B2–B4)
Al Drootin (1954-06-09) (track B1)
Vic Dickenson (1951) (tracks A4–A5, B5)
Dick Le Fave (1954-06-09) (track B1)
Saul Chaplin (track B3)
Clarence Muse (track B1)
Oscar Peterson (Canadian jazz pianist and composer) (track B5)
Lester Young (saxophonist) (track B5)
Billie Holiday (track B4)
George Gershwin (composer) (1927) (track A4)
Richard Rodgers (1936) (track A2)
Sammy Cahn (track B3)
Billie Holiday (track B4)
Leon René (track B1)
Otis René (track B1)
Ira Gershwin (1927) (track A4)
Lorenz Hart (1936) (track A2)
Vic Dickenson (1954-06-09) (track B1)
Jimmie Grier (US jazz clarinetist) (track A3)
Earl Hatch (classical composer) (track A3)
Armand J. Piron (track A5)
Coy Poe (track A3)
Pinky Tomlin (track A3)
Clarence Williams (track A5)
Harry M. Woods (American 1920/30s songwriter) (track A1)
phonographic copyright by:
Black Lion Productions Ltd. (company, for copyrights purposes) (tracks A1–B5)
Chappell & Co. (track A4)
Chappell Music Ltd. (track A4)
Edward B. Marks Music Co. (founded originally as J. Stern & Co. in 1894, renamed in 1919) (track B4)
Ira Gershwin Music (track A4)
Mills Music, Inc. (track B1)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track A4)
Warner/Chappell North America Limited (formerly incorporated as Marmalade Music Ltd., from 1968/09/19–1999/11/09) (track A4)
’s Wonderful (for solo piano) (track A4)
instrumental recording of:
’s Wonderful (1951) (track A4)
Fine and Mellow (1954-05) (track B4)
Hustlin’ and Bustlin’ for Baby (1954-05) (track A1)
Shoe Shine Boy (1954-05) (track B3)
There’s a Small Hotel (from "On Your Toes") (1954-05) (track A2)
later translated versions:
Wundervoll (track A4)
part of:
An American in Paris (2015 Broadway musical) (track A4)
Funny Face (1927 musical) (track A4)
Pal Joey (track A2)
recording of:
Ad Lib Blues (1951) (track B5)
When It’s Sleepy Time Down South (1954-06-09) (track B1)
referred to in medleys: