CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Overture: Twenty Million People
Evan Pappas, Company 6:09
2 Larger Than Life
Evan Pappas 4:50
3 The Musketeer Sketch
Evan Pappas, Josh Mostel, Tom Mardirosian, Andrea Martin, Lannyl Stephens, Paul Stolarsky, Ethan Phillips 5:45
4 Rookie in the Ring
Lainie Kazan 3:52
5 Manhattan
Tim Curry, Evan Pappas, Ensemble 4:38
6 Naked in Bethesda Fountain
Josh Mostel, Andrea Martin, Paul Stolarsky, Ethan Phillips, Lannyl Stephens 1:14
7 The Gospel According to King
Tom Mardirosian, Tim Curry, Ensemble 1:42
8 The Musketeer Sketch Rehearsal
Evan Pappas, Tim Curry, Ensemble 1:09
9 Funny / The Duck Joke
Lannyl Stephens, Andrea Martin 5:02
10 Welcome to Brooklyn
David Lipman, Thomas Ikeda, Lainie Kazan, Mary Stout, Tim Curry, Evan Pappas, Ensemble 3:52
11 If the World Were Like the Movies
Tim Curry 3:56
12 Exits
Tim Curry 4:34
13 Shut Up and Dance
Lannyl Stephens, Evan Pappas 4:04
14 Professional Showbizness Comedy
Andrea Martin, Tom Mardirosian, Ensemble 4:33
15 The King Kaiser Comedy Cavalcade
Michael McGrath, Michael Gruber, Russell Ricard, Nora Mae Lyng, Thomas Titone 0:48
16 The Lights Come Up
Tim Curry, Evan Pappas 3:09
17 Maxford House
Christina Youngman, Leslie Bell, Maria Calabrese 0:53
18 The Musketeer Sketch Finale
Company 1:14
19 My Favorite Year
Evan Pappas, Company 3:26


CD 1

Ted Sperling (tracks 1–19)
Michael Starobin (tracks 1–19)
Danny Troob (tracks 1–19)
Jay David Saks (classical/opera producer) (tracks 1–19)
Evan Pappas (tracks 5, 8, 16)
vocals arranger:
Stephen Flaherty (American composer) (tracks 1–19)