12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Lovin' Place 2:48
A2 You Are My Sunshine 3:07
A3 You've Been Talkin' 'Bout Me Baby 2:33
A4 Where Do You Go to Go Away 3:03
A5 Big Grey City 2:15
A6 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out 2:42
B1 What-Cha Gonna Do 2:11
B2 I Used to Live Here 2:38
B3 The Sunny Song 2:10
B4 St. Louis Is a Long Way Away 2:37
B5 Little Poppa 2:32
B6 O, Freedom 3:31


12" Vinyl 1

anthem of:
Louisiana, United States (track A2)
Claus Ogerman (tracks A3, B1)
Gale Garnett (track A3)
Walter Hirsch (track A3)
Ray Rivera (track A3)
Jimmy Cox (track A6)
Claus Ogerman (tracks A3, B1)
Jimmy Cox (track A6)
Andy Wiswell (tracks A1–B6)
Jimmie Davis (Singer and songwriter) (track A2)
Charles Mitchell (1940s steel-guitarist) (track A2)
later parody versions:
Man Gaujā benzīns (track A2)
later translated versions:
Le Millionnaire (track A6)
You Are My Sunshine (track A2)
你是我的陽光 (track A2)
recording of:
You Are My Sunshine (track A2)
referred to in medleys:
Vereinzelt Schauer (track A2)