Great Moments of the 20th Century

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CD 1
1Inventor Marconi Talks About Sending the First Transatlantic Radio Transmission (1936)
Guglielmo Marconi1:02
2The Double-Sided Record New From the Columbia Graphophone Company Offers Improved Sound and Durability (1904)
3Inventor Thomas Edison Announces the Age of Electricity (1908)
Thomas Edison1:03
4Commander Robert E. Peary Expounds on the Allure of Arctic Exploration (1909)
Robert E. Peary0:47
5Survivor Gives Harrowing Account of the RMS Titanic Disaster (1936)
6Presidential Candidate Woodrow Wilson Makes the Case for a Living Wage (1912)
Woodrow Wilson1:35
7British Member of Parliament Horatio Bottomley Asserts That We Are Witnessing That Greatest Armageddon (1915)
Horatio Bottomley0:54
8American Federation of Labor President Samuel Gompers Explains U.S. Efforts in World War I (1916)
Samuel Gompers1:12
9Blackjack Commander of American Expeditionary Forces in France General J.J. ‘Blackjack’ Pershing Asks For… (1917)
General J.J. "Black Jack" Pershing0:32
10Former Ambassador to Germany James Gerard Challenges German-Americans’ Loyalty in the Face of Conflict (1917)
James Gerard Watson0:50
11News Report: Talking Film an Explanation of Inventor Lee De Forest’s Principles of Talking Film (1922)
[no artist]0:41
12Attorney Clarence Darrow Proclaims ‘The Real Cause of Crime Is 'Poverty, Ignorance, Hard Luck, and…’ (1924)
Clarence Darrow1:35
13Humorist Will Rogers Muses on His Entry in the Congressional Record (1925)
Will Rogers1:40
14Aviator Charles Lindbergh Reflects on the First Ever Transatlantic Flight (1927)
Charles Lindbergh0:58
15As the Threat of War Once Again Looms Over Europe Winston Churchill Asks ‘What Are We to Do?’ (1934)
Winston Churchill1:50
16Expatriate Author Henry Miller Reads From His Controversial Book ‘Tropic of Cancer’ (1969)
Henry Miller0:58
17Louisiana Senator Huey Long Criticizes the Current Roosevelt Administration (1935)
Huey Long1:19
18Indian Leader Mohandas Gandhi Shares His Beliefs (1935)
Mohandas Gandhi0:40
19President Franklin D Roosevelt Visits Dust Bowl States and Vows to Save the American Farming Family (1936)
Franklin D. Roosevelt1:45
20Physicist Albert Einstein Asserts That Modern Man Is Detached From the World Because of Technology (1936)
Albert Einstein2:31
21King Edward VIII Announces His Abdication of the Throne and Declares Allegiance to His Brother, King George VI (1936)
King Edward VIII1:17
22News Report: Disaster News Coverage of the Hindenburg Airship Disaster (1937)
[no artist]1:33
23News Report: The Old Man and the Mouse: Mickey Mouse Turns 10 Years Old (1937)
[no artist]1:03
24Philip Civil Rights Activist Asa Philip Randolph Pleas for Social and Racial Justice (1937)
Asa Philip Randolph1:02
25News Report: Aviator Howard Hughes and Crew Successfully Complete World’s First Transglobal Flight (1938)
[no artist]1:08
26Sigmund Freud Discusses Psychoanalysis (1938)
Sigmund Freud1:16
27Dramatist and Critic George Bernard Shaw Defines the Pacifist Movement (1938)
George Bernard Shaw2:01
28President Franklin D Roosevelt Commemorates the Nations of the World at the New York World’s Fair (1939)
Franklin D. Roosevelt1:37
29Author Margaret Mitchell Expresses Gratitude Over Winning Pulitzer Prize for ‘Gone With the Wind’ (1939)
Margaret Mitchell0:40
30News Report: London Evacuation Broadcaster Edward R Murrow Reports Plans for the Evacuation of Children From London (1939)
Edward R Murrow1:38
31Nazi Germany Announces Blitzkrieg Invasion of Poland (1939)
[no artist]1:15
32Nazi Germany Denies Aggression Toward Poland Claiming Self- Defence (1939)
[no artist]1:26
33British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain Declares a State of War (1939)
Neville Chamberlain0:46
34German Chancellor Adolf Hitler Condemns Polish Aggression Toward Germans (1939)
Adolf Hitler2:17
35Italian Fascist Leader Benito Mussolini Declares War on the Allied Powers (1940)
Benito Mussolini1:54
36American Journalist William L. Shirer Reports on French Armistice Signing (1940)
William L. Shirer1:36
37Labor Leader John L. Lewis Supports Wendell Willkie for President (1940)
John L. Lewis1:53
38President Franklin D Roosevelt Announces the First Peacetime Draft Lottery (1940)
Franklin D. Roosevelt0:58
39President Franklin D Roosevelt Declares War on Japan (1941)
Franklin D. Roosevelt1:13
40Mayor Fiorello Laguardia Publicizes the New Convenient New York (1942)
Fiorello LaGuardia1:25
41World War II: Announcement of Allied Invasion of North Africa (1942)
[no artist]0:27
42President Franklin D Roosevelt Reports the Allied Armies Liberation of Rome (1944)
Franklin D. Roosevelt0:23
43World War II: First Allied Planes Leave England Leading D-Day Invasion (1944)
[no artist]1:25
44World War II: Report of U.S. Flag Raised Over Island of Iwo Jima (1945)
[no artist]1:14
45World War II: Announcement of Allied Forces Crossing the Rhine River (1945)
[no artist]0:50
46World War II: Report of German Army’s Unconditional Surrender in Italy (1945)
[no artist]0:47
47World War II: Adolf Hitler Commits Suicide (1945)
[no artist]0:40
48World War II: V-E Day Report of German Surrender Ending the War in Europe (1945)
[no artist]1:14
49World War II: V-E Day Celebration in Times Square New York City (1945)
[no artist]1:54
50President Harry Truman Signs the United Nations Charter (1945)
Harry S. Truman1:20
51News Report: Atomic Bomb Report of the U.S. Having Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima (1945)
[no artist]1:09
52News Report: V-J Day Report of Japanese Surrender Ending the War in the Pacific (1945)
[no artist]0:53
53British Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill Declares Eastern Europe Behind an Iron Curtain (1946)
Winston Churchill1:01
54News Report: U.S. Census Reveals Postwar Infant Population Boom (1947)
[no artist]1:09
55Secretary of State George C Marshall Announces Plan to Revitalize Postwar European Economy (1947)
George C. Marshall1:32
56News Report: Soviet Blockade of Berlin Thwarted by U.S Air Force Efforts (1948)
[no artist]0:58
57United Nations Representative Abba Eban Comments on Israel’s Nationhood (1948)
Abba Eban1:19
58President Harry Truman Mocks Naysayer Journalists in Election Victory Speech (1948)
Harry S. Truman1:50
59News Report: White House Issues Statement That Soviet Union Has Atomic Bomb (1949)
[no artist]0:15
60News Report: Pennant Clinched Bobby Thompson Secures New York Giants’ National League Pennant Win With Game-Clinching Home Run (1951)
[no artist]1:33
61Baseball Great Joe Dimaggio Announces His Retirement (1951)
Joe Dimaggio0:36
62Vice-Presidential Candidate Richard M Nixon Defends Himself Against Allegations of Mishandled Campaign (1952)
Richard M. Nixon1:28
63News Report: Stalin Dies Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin Dies at Age 73 (1953)
[no artist]0:26
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