CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Inventor Marconi Talks About Sending the First Transatlantic Radio Transmission (1936) Guglielmo Marconi 1:02
2 The Double-Sided Record New From the Columbia Graphophone Company Offers Improved Sound and Durability (1904) [unknown] 1:59
3 Inventor Thomas Edison Announces the Age of Electricity (1908) Thomas Edison 1:03
4 Commander Robert E. Peary Expounds on the Allure of Arctic Exploration (1909) Robert E. Peary 0:47
5 Survivor Gives Harrowing Account of the RMS Titanic Disaster (1936) [unknown] 2:25
6 Presidential Candidate Woodrow Wilson Makes the Case for a Living Wage (1912) Woodrow Wilson 1:35
7 British Member of Parliament Horatio Bottomley Asserts That We Are Witnessing That Greatest Armageddon (1915) Horatio Bottomley 0:54
8 American Federation of Labor President Samuel Gompers Explains U.S. Efforts in World War I (1916) Samuel Gompers 1:12
9 Blackjack Commander of American Expeditionary Forces in France General J.J. ‘Blackjack’ Pershing Asks For… (1917) General J.J. "Black Jack" Pershing 0:32
10 Former Ambassador to Germany James Gerard Challenges German-Americans’ Loyalty in the Face of Conflict (1917) James Gerard Watson 0:50
11 News Report: Talking Film an Explanation of Inventor Lee De Forest’s Principles of Talking Film (1922) [no artist] 0:41
12 Attorney Clarence Darrow Proclaims ‘The Real Cause of Crime Is 'Poverty, Ignorance, Hard Luck, and…’ (1924) Clarence Darrow 1:35
13 Humorist Will Rogers Muses on His Entry in the Congressional Record (1925) Will Rogers 1:40
14 Aviator Charles Lindbergh Reflects on the First Ever Transatlantic Flight (1927) Charles Lindbergh 0:58
15 As the Threat of War Once Again Looms Over Europe Winston Churchill Asks ‘What Are We to Do?’ (1934) Winston Churchill 1:50
16 Expatriate Author Henry Miller Reads From His Controversial Book ‘Tropic of Cancer’ (1969) Henry Miller 0:58
17 Louisiana Senator Huey Long Criticizes the Current Roosevelt Administration (1935) Huey Long 1:19
18 Indian Leader Mohandas Gandhi Shares His Beliefs (1935) Mohandas Gandhi 0:40
19 President Franklin D Roosevelt Visits Dust Bowl States and Vows to Save the American Farming Family (1936) Franklin D. Roosevelt 1:45
20 Physicist Albert Einstein Asserts That Modern Man Is Detached From the World Because of Technology (1936) Albert Einstein 2:31
21 King Edward VIII Announces His Abdication of the Throne and Declares Allegiance to His Brother, King George VI (1936) King Edward VIII 1:17
22 News Report: Disaster News Coverage of the Hindenburg Airship Disaster (1937) [no artist] 1:33
23 News Report: The Old Man and the Mouse: Mickey Mouse Turns 10 Years Old (1937) [no artist] 1:03
24 Philip Civil Rights Activist Asa Philip Randolph Pleas for Social and Racial Justice (1937) Asa Philip Randolph 1:02
25 News Report: Aviator Howard Hughes and Crew Successfully Complete World’s First Transglobal Flight (1938) [no artist] 1:08
26 Sigmund Freud Discusses Psychoanalysis (1938) Sigmund Freud 1:16
27 Dramatist and Critic George Bernard Shaw Defines the Pacifist Movement (1938) George Bernard Shaw 2:01
28 President Franklin D Roosevelt Commemorates the Nations of the World at the New York World’s Fair (1939) Franklin D. Roosevelt 1:37
29 Author Margaret Mitchell Expresses Gratitude Over Winning Pulitzer Prize for ‘Gone With the Wind’ (1939) Margaret Mitchell 0:40
30 News Report: London Evacuation Broadcaster Edward R Murrow Reports Plans for the Evacuation of Children From London (1939) Edward R Murrow 1:38
31 Nazi Germany Announces Blitzkrieg Invasion of Poland (1939) [no artist] 1:15
32 Nazi Germany Denies Aggression Toward Poland Claiming Self- Defence (1939) [no artist] 1:26
33 British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain Declares a State of War (1939) Neville Chamberlain 0:46
34 German Chancellor Adolf Hitler Condemns Polish Aggression Toward Germans (1939) Adolf Hitler 2:17
35 Italian Fascist Leader Benito Mussolini Declares War on the Allied Powers (1940) Benito Mussolini 1:54
36 American Journalist William L. Shirer Reports on French Armistice Signing (1940) William L. Shirer 1:36
37 Labor Leader John L. Lewis Supports Wendell Willkie for President (1940) John L. Lewis 1:53
38 President Franklin D Roosevelt Announces the First Peacetime Draft Lottery (1940) Franklin D. Roosevelt 0:58
39 President Franklin D Roosevelt Declares War on Japan (1941) Franklin D. Roosevelt 1:13
40 Mayor Fiorello Laguardia Publicizes the New Convenient New York (1942) Fiorello Laguardia 1:25
41 World War II: Announcement of Allied Invasion of North Africa (1942) [no artist] 0:27
42 President Franklin D Roosevelt Reports the Allied Armies Liberation of Rome (1944) Franklin D. Roosevelt 0:23
43 World War II: First Allied Planes Leave England Leading D-Day Invasion (1944) [no artist] 1:25
44 World War II: Report of U.S. Flag Raised Over Island of Iwo Jima (1945) [no artist] 1:14
45 World War II: Announcement of Allied Forces Crossing the Rhine River (1945) [no artist] 0:50
46 World War II: Report of German Army’s Unconditional Surrender in Italy (1945) [no artist] 0:47
47 World War II: Adolf Hitler Commits Suicide (1945) [no artist] 0:40
48 World War II: V-E Day Report of German Surrender Ending the War in Europe (1945) [no artist] 1:14
49 World War II: V-E Day Celebration in Times Square New York City (1945) [no artist] 1:54
50 President Harry Truman Signs the United Nations Charter (1945) Harry S. Truman 1:20
51 News Report: Atomic Bomb Report of the U.S. Having Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima (1945) [no artist] 1:09
52 News Report: V-J Day Report of Japanese Surrender Ending the War in the Pacific (1945) [no artist] 0:53
53 British Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill Declares Eastern Europe Behind an Iron Curtain (1946) Winston Churchill 1:01
54 News Report: U.S. Census Reveals Postwar Infant Population Boom (1947) [no artist] 1:09
55 Secretary of State George C Marshall Announces Plan to Revitalize Postwar European Economy (1947) George C. Marshall 1:32
56 News Report: Soviet Blockade of Berlin Thwarted by U.S Air Force Efforts (1948) [no artist] 0:58
57 United Nations Representative Abba Eban Comments on Israel’s Nationhood (1948) Abba Eban 1:19
58 President Harry Truman Mocks Naysayer Journalists in Election Victory Speech (1948) Harry S. Truman 1:50
59 News Report: White House Issues Statement That Soviet Union Has Atomic Bomb (1949) [no artist] 0:15
60 News Report: Pennant Clinched Bobby Thompson Secures New York Giants’ National League Pennant Win With Game-Clinching Home Run (1951) [no artist] 1:33
61 Baseball Great Joe Dimaggio Announces His Retirement (1951) Joe Dimaggio 0:36
62 Vice-Presidential Candidate Richard M Nixon Defends Himself Against Allegations of Mishandled Campaign (1952) Richard M. Nixon 1:28
63 News Report: Stalin Dies Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin Dies at Age 73 (1953) [no artist] 0:26
CD 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 News Report: Atomic Bomb Testing Continues (1953) [no artist] 1:59
2 News Report: Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain (1953) [no artist] 0:53
3 News Report: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Are Denied Clemency (1953) [no artist] 2:22
4 President Dwight D Eisenhower Announces End to Korean Conflict (1953) Dwight D. Eisenhower 0:46
5 Author Ray Bradbury Provides More Positive Outlook on Future Than His Book ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Suggests (1958) Ray Bradbury 1:04
6 President Dwight D Eisenhower Assures There Will Be Further Development of Polio Vaccine (1954) Dwight D. Eisenhower 1:06
7 News Report: Congressmen Provide Conflicting Viewpoint on School Desegregation (1954) [no artist] 1:59
8 Senator Joseph McCarthy Presides at House Unamerican Activities Hearings (1954) Joseph McCarthy 2:34
9 New York Giants Manager Leo Derocher States Strong Leadership Is a Baseball Team's Top Asset (1954) Leo Durocher 1:14
10 Author Ernest Hemingway Delivers Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (1954) Ernest Hemingway 1:21
11 Cleveland Disc Jockey Alan Freed at the Top of His Form Hosting ‘The Moondog Show’ (1954) Alan Freed 0:54
12 Ensure Your Safety With the Purchase of This Nuclear Survival Course Record Album; Supplies Are Limited (1954) [unknown] 1:49
13 James Dean Discusses His Craft on the Set of ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ (1954) James Dean 0:57
14 News Report: Music Experts Squabble Over the Meaning of Rock and Roll (1956) [no artist] 2:15
15 News Report: Baseball Yankees Pitcher Don Larsen Delivers First Perfect Game in World Series History (1956) [no artist] 1:54
16 News Report: Hungarian Revolt Crushed by Soviets (1956) [no artist] 1:10
17 News Report: What Do We Know About Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro (1957) [no artist] 1:04
18 Althea Gibson Becomes First Black Athlete to Win Wimbledon Tennis Championship (1957) Althea Gibson 0:26
19 President Dwight D Eisenhower Denounces Arkansas Efforts to Enforce School Segregation (1957) Dwight D. Eisenhower 1:07
20 Black Politician Adam Clayton Powell Jr Speeks Out on Notion of Freedom (1957) Adam Clayton Powell, Jr 1:54
21 News Report: United States Successfully Launches First Orbiting Satellite ‘Explorer I’ (1958) [no artist] 1:06
22 Author Lorraine Hansberry Discusses Her Play ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ (1959) Lorraine Hansberry 1:04
23 News Report: NASA Introduces First Seven Astronauts for Project Mercury (1959) [no artist] 0:55
24 News Report: Cuban Premier Fidel Castro Visits U.S. for First Time (1959) [no artist] 1:08
25 Author Allan Ginsberg and Anthropologist Margaret Mead Discuss Origins of the Term ‘Beat Generation’ (1959) Allen Ginsberg & Margaret Mead 2:17
26 Candidates Debate Presidential Candidates John F Kennedy and Richard M Nixon Square Off in Televised Debate (1960) John F. Kennedy & Richard M. Nixon 2:12
27 President-Elect John F Kennedy Wins Narrow-Margin Victory (1960) John F. Kennedy 0:56
28 President Dwight D Eisenhower Delivers ‘Military Industrial Complex’ Farewell Speech (1961) Dwight D. Eisenhower 1:14
29 President John F Kennedy Addresses Nation With Inaugural Speech (1961) John F. Kennedy 1:04
30 News Report: Bay of Pigs Invasion Denounced at United Nations Address (1961) [no artist] 0:42
31 Federal Communications Commission Chairman Decries Television as a Vast Wasteland (1961) Newton Minow 1:19
32 News Report: The Birth of the Berlin Wall (1961) [no artist] 0:43
33 News Report: Launch of the Telstar Satellite Ushers in Age of High Speed Communications Technology (1962) [no artist] 1:09
34 Author John Steinbeck Discusses Winning Nobel Prize for Literature (1962) John Steinbeck 1:20
35 News Report: Debut of the World’s First Talking/Singing Computer (1962) [no artist] 0:58
36 President John F Kennedy Visits the Berlin Wall and Rallies Anti-Communist Support (1963) John F. Kennedy 2:19
37 News Report: President John F Kennedy Assassinated (1963) [no artist] 3:52
38 News Report: JFK Assassination Suspect Lee Harvey Oswald Is Shot (1963) [no artist] 3:19
39 News Report: North Vietnamese Vessels Attack United States Navy in Gulf of Tonkin (1964) [no artist] 1:16
40 Activist Mario Savio Speaks Out on University of California at Berkeley ‘Educational Tyranny’ (1964) Mario Savio 1:34
41 News Report: Reports Confirm Soviet Communist Party Personnel Shake-Up (1964) [no artist] 1:17
42 Activist Whitney Young Talks in Selma Alabama on the Importance of the Black Vote (1965) Whitney Young 0:45
43 News Report: Racial Violence Breaks Out in Watts District of Los Angeles (1965) [no artist] 1:16
44 News Report: Vietnamese Radio Propaganda Queen ‘Hanoi Hannah’ Broadcasts to United States Troops (1966) [no artist] 0:27
45 Dr Christiaan Barnard Performs First Human Heart Transplant (1967) Christiaan Barnard 1:30
46 Israeli Foreign Minister Golda Meir Articulates Israel’s Need for Peace (1967) Golda Meir 0:36
47 Senator Robert Kennedy Announces Presidential Candidacy (1968) Robert F. Kennedy 0:57
48 President Lyndon B Johnson Declines Nomination for Re-Election (1968) Lyndon B. Johnson 0:38
49 Martin Luther King Jr Stirs Memphis Audience With ‘Mountain Top’ Speech (1968) Martin Luther King, Jr. 1:02
50 News Report: Senator Robert Kennedy Is Assassinated (1968) [no artist] 1:20
51 News Report: Soviets Invade Czechoslovakia (1968) [no artist] 0:35
52 News Report: Riots Break Out at 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention (1968) [no artist] 2:07
53 News Report: Apollo 8 Astronauts Conduct Christmas Eve Broadcast (1968) [no artist] 0:35
54 Mickey Mantle Gives Farewell Speech to Yankees Fans (1969) Mickey Mantle 0:39
55 Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong Broadcasts Man’s First Steps on Moon (1969) Neil Armstrong 0:14
56 Beatle Paul McCartney Refutes Rumors of His Death (1969) Paul McCartney 0:33
57 News Report: Thousands of Protesters Show Support on Vietnam Moratorium Day (1969) [no artist] 0:48
58 Vice President Spiro Agnew Lashes Out Against ‘The Media Elite’ (1969) Spiro Agnew 1:46
CD 3
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Commander James A. Lovell, Jr Reports From Apollo 13: ‘Houston We’ve Had a Problem’ (1970) James A. Lovell, Jr 0:15
2 National Voting Age Is Lowered to 18 (1970) [news report] 0:40
3 New York Congresswoman Bella Abzug Testimonial on the Equal Rights Amendment (1970) Bella Abzug 0:47
4 National Organization of Women Founder Betty Friedan Speaks Out During the ‘Women’s Strike for Equal Rights’ (1970) Betty Friedan 2:10
5 President Richard M. Nixon Announces Plans to Visit Communist China (1971) Richard M. Nixon 0:24
6 Future British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Cites the Ability of Women to Succeed in Government (1971) Margaret Thatcher 1:13
7 United Nations Officially Recognizes Peoples Republic of China (1971) [news report] 1:13
8 Governor Ronald Reagan Views George Wallace Assassination Attempt as Outgrowth of Hatred in America (1972) Ronald Reagan 1:39
9 Olympic Athletes Are Taken Hostage in Munich (1972) [news report] 1:02
10 Secretary of State Henry Kissinger Announces ‘Peace Is at Hand’ In Vietnam (1972) Henry Kissinger 1:00
11 Court Decision Legalizes Abortion in Roe v Wade (1973) [news report] 1:28
12 Members of American Indian Movement Take Over Wounded Knee South Dakota (1973) [news report] 0:34
13 Dispute at White House Over Release of Watergate Tapes (1973) [news report] 1:06
14 President Richard M Nixon Concedes ‘One Can Only Be Angry With Those He Respects’ (1973) Richard M. Nixon 2:27
15 President Richard M Nixon’s Resignation ‘I Have Never Been a Quitter’ (1974) Richard M. Nixon 1:13
16 President Richard M Nixon Bids Farewell to His White House Staff (1974) Richard M. Nixon 1:53
17 President Gerald Ford Gives Inaugural Speech (1974) Gerald Ford 1:12
18 South Vietnam Surrenders to Vietcong (1975) [news report] 0:36
19 Exiled Russian Novelist Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn Addresses Harvard Graduating Class (1975) Александр Солженицын 0:52
20 Astronaut Thomas Stafford and Cosmonaut Alexey Leonov Seal Joint Mission With Handshake in Space (1975) [news report] 0:54
21 Egyptian President Anwar El-Sadat Gives Goodwill Address to Congress (1975) Anwar El-Sadat 1:37
22 Congresswoman Barbara Jordan Becomes First Black Woman to Deliver the Keynote Address at the Democratic Convention (1976) [news report] 1:02
23 Viking I Travels 500 Million Miles to Land on Mars (1976) [news report] 0:54
24 Former Beatle John Lennon Finally Wins Residency Status in United States (1976) John Lennon 1:37
25 Outbreak of Legionnaires Disease (1976) [news report] 0:50
26 Space Shuttle Enterprise Passes First Flight Test (1977) [news report] 1:15
27 Elvis Presley Dies at 42 (1977) [news report] 0:42
28 The Observations of San Francisco Politician Harvey Milk (1978) Harvey Milk 0:30
29 Pope John Paul I Dies Suddenly (1978) [news report] 0:44
30 San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Dianne Feinstein Discloses the Murders of Mayor George (1978) Dianne Feinstein 0:29
31 President Jimmy Carter Discusses Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty (1979) Jimmy Carter 0:37
32 Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh Advises Citizens of Possible Radioactivity After Three Mile Island (1979) Dick Thornburgh 0:37
33 Entrepreneur Ted Turner Officially Inaugurates the Cable News Network (1980) Ted Turner 0:54
34 Labor Unrest in Poland (1980) [news report] 0:16
35 President Jimmy Carter Announces Release of 52 American Hostages in Iran (1981) Jimmy Carter 0:34
36 Conflicting Announcement of the Assassination Attempt on President Ronald Reagan (1981) [news report] 1:47
37 Assassin Wounds Pope John Paul II (1981) [news report] 1:01
38 President Ronald Reagan Lays Down the Law to Striking Air Traffic Controllers (1981) Ronald Reagan 0:31
39 Britain and Argentina at War Over Falkland Islands (1982) [news report] 1:10
40 Soviets Down Korean Airlines Flight 007 (1983) [news report] 0:25
41 Report of U.S. Invasion From Grenada (1983) [news report] 0:26
42 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster (1986) [news report] 2:34
43 President Ronald Reagan Denies Allegations of Secret Deals With Iran (1986) Ronald Reagan 1:03
44 1988 Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate Lloyd Bentsen to Republican Candidate Dan Quayle ‘Senator, You’re No Jack Kennedy’ (1988) Lloyd Bentsen 1:25
45 President Ronald Reagan Envisions ‘The Shining City’ (1989) Ronald Reagan 1:01
46 Report of Chinese Government Response to Student Revolt From Tiananmen Square Beijing (1989) [news report] 1:44
47 Operation Desert Storm Begins (1991) [news report] 1:37
48 Law Professor Anita Hill Testifies Against Judge Clarence Thomas in Senate Confirmation Hearings (1991) Anita Hill 2:31
49 Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Gives His Testimony (1991) Clarence Thomas 2:06
50 Verdict Observations About the Rodney King Verdict and Ensuing Riots in Los Angeles (1992) [news report] 1:38
51 California State Senator Diane Watson Seeks Culpability for the Los Angeles Riots (1992) Diane Watson 1:13
52 Motorist Rodney King Implores ‘Can’t We All Get Along’ (1992) Rodney King 0:11
53 FBI Tactical Briefing Concerning the Branch Davidians Compound in Waco Texas (1993) [unknown] 1:23
54 Nelson Mandela Speaks on Eve of South Africa’s Presidential Election (1994) Nelson Mandela 1:33
55 President Bill Clinton Condemns Bombing on Oklahoma City (1995) Bill Clinton 0:29
56 Verdict Reading of OJ Simpson Trial Verdict (1995) [news report] 1:32
57 Noa Ben-Artziphilosof Gives Eulogy for Grandfather Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (1995) Noa Ben-Artziphilosof 1:04
58 General Colin Powell Declines Bid for Presidency (1995) Colin Powell 1:26
59 Unabomber Suspect Theodore Kaczynski Is Apprehended (1996) [news report] 0:36
60 Richard Jewell Denies Being Responsible for the Bomb Explosion at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996) Richard Jewell 0:47
61 British Scientist Ian Wilmut Discusses Human Cloning (1997) Ian Wilmut 2:08
62 Britain Returns Conservatorship of Hong Kong to China (1997) [news report] 1:06
63 Diana Princess of Wales Dies in Car Crash (1997) [news report] 0:29
64 Linda Tripp Records Monica Lewinski (1997) Monica Lewinski 2:26
65 President Bill Clinton Avows ‘I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman Miss Lewinski’ (1998) Bill Clinton 0:41
66 President Bill Clinton Testifies His Explanation Was ‘Legally Accurate’ (1998) Bill Clinton 0:31
67 Mark McGwire Breaks Roger Maris’ Single Season Home Run Record (1998) [news report] 0:29
68 U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan Appeals for ‘Peace Over War’ In Kosovo (1999) Kofi Annan 0:52
69 U.S. Returns Convervatorship of the Panama Canal Back to Panama (1999) [news report] 0:41
70 Record Breaking Stock Exchange Frenzy Continues (1999) [news report] 0:28
71 President Bill Clinton Observes the Dawning of the New Millennium (1999) Bill Clinton 2:16
72 The Celebration of New Year’s Eve 1999 Times Square (1999) [news report] 0:24



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