12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 We'll Never Say Die
Prole 3:50
A2 The Sun Says
Cock Sparrer 3:30
A3 SE7 Dole Day
The Gonads 2:57
A4 Old Man's Poison
The Burial 2:38
A5 Vicious Rumours
Vicious Rumours 2:26
A6 Zombie Mind Eaters
Jimmy Mack 1:09
A7 Rat Trap
Rat Patrol 4:19
A8 Here We Go
Crossed Hammers 3:19
A9 The Sun
Swift Nick 3:01
B1 Friday Night
The Burial 3:02
B2 Destination: Room 101
Prole 2:51
B3 Frankie Goes to Pot
Orgasm Guerillas 4:04
B4 Being Short
Little Dave 1:09
B5 Stiff With a Quiff
Nick Toczek's Britanarchists 2:34
B6 Take the Blame
Vicious Rumours 3:24
B7 Don't Mess With the SAS
A.B.H. 2:25
B8 Murder
Dogsbody 2:57
B9 If Looks Could Kill
Garry Johnson 3:32


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