This is for the Original Master Recordings version of this release.
The song list on the back cover only lists 9 tracks, but the disc includes 10, track 9 is an intro by John Prine and track 10 is his version of "Please don't bury me".
My copy of the original master records is MFCD 2-854

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Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 The Thanksgiving Song
Fred Holstein 2:54
2 Satisifed Mind
Bryan Bowers 4:33
3 Angel From Montgomery
Bonnie Raitt with John Prine 4:41
4 My Old Man
John Prine 6:08
5 I Don't Wanna Know
Richie Havens 4:29
6 The Water Is Wide
David Amram 4:20
7 Cockroaches on Parade
Harry Walter 2:51
8 The Dutchman
Michael Smith 5:52
9 A Story About Steve
John Prine 2:03
10 Please Don't Bury Me
John Prine 3:14


Medium 1

John Prine (tracks 3, 10)
John Prine (tracks 3, 10)
Sour Grapes Music (track 3)
Walden Music, Inc. (track 3)
live recording of:
recording of:

Release Group

tribute to: Steve Goodman (folk musician)