samurai champloo music record: impression

~ Release by Force of Nature / Nujabes / Fat Jon (see all versions of this release, 5 available)


01~07. produced by FORCE OF NATURE
08~16. produced by Nujabes
17~22. produced by fat jon
23. produced by MINMI & Nujabes

03. performed by FORCE OF NATURE feat. SUIKEN & S-WORD
lyrics by SUIKEN & S-WORD

23. performed by MINMI
lyrics & melody by MINMI
track produced by Nujabes
produced by MINMI & Nujabes

music staff
vibraphone: katori, yoshihiko m23
recorded and mixed by FORCE OF NATURE at FORCE OF NATURE laboratories m01-07
recorded by takashi "blueberry" murakami at akasaka tycoon studio m03
recorded and mixed by Nujabes at park avenue studio m08-16,23
recorded and mixed by fat jon m17-22
recorded by ishigaki, yoshitaka at burnish stone recording studios m23
mastered by hashimoto, youei at aubrite mastering studio

S-WORD appears courtesy of
SUKEN appears courtesy of
FORCE OF NATURE appears courtesy of Libyus Music

producer ishikawa, yoshimoto victor entertainment, inc.

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