Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 L&D (Light and Darkness) Ganaé 5:59
2 Find My Way (A Place to Return To) Jorito feat. Earth Kid, JoyDreamer, Lauren the Flute & Kain White 4:26
3 Blue Magic (Prime Blue) Jean Of mArc feat. Gamer of the Winds 5:01
4 Her Resolve (Prayer) Supercoolmike, Chimpazilla & Jorito 5:00
5 Yomi or Not Yomi (Yomi) David Kiraeth & Trev Wignall 3:00
6 Enigma of a Broken Soul (An Unforeseen Event) HoboKa feat. Stahalamora 3:13
7 Beginning of the Journey (Departure) Fredrik Häthén feat. JohnStacy, Alex Hill, dannymusic, DavidRussell323, Dean Nguyen, Harpsona, Andrew Thompson, Chromatic Apparatus, Andrew Steffen, mkafie, Gabriel Vizcarra, Bassoonify, Gamer of the Winds, Damian Nguyen, Lauren the Flute, Catboss., Travis Kindred & Andre Beller 3:23
8 Destiny's Spire (Trials) Manji 4:58
9 Everlasting Campfire (Evergreen) Clément Panchout 4:10
10 Will We Meet Again? (Into the Door, Welcome Rain, Firm Steps Upon the Land) Jorito feat. Sirenstar & Juan Medrano 5:45
Digital Media 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Nature's March (Zue) DaMonz feat. Denis Bluteau 3:29
2 Looking Out for the Big Guy (The Willful Lion) LongBoxofChocolate 4:09
3 Punch Drunk Beneath a Lazy Tree (Sanctuar) zykO 4:33
4 Brave New World (Further Into the Wide World) jnWake feat. zykO, ilp0, Ivan Hakštok, Trev Wignall & Jorito 4:44
5 An Afternoon in Clisson (Town) Manji & Jorito feat. Pavos 4:50
6 From the Depths of the Dungeon (Under the Ground of the Giant Tree) That Headband Guy 2:52
7 Soothing Rhythm (Liotto) David Kiraeth 3:45
8 Wade Into the Changing Tide (Ship) HeavyViper feat. Gamer of the Winds 5:22
9 Skaði, Fjallið Veiði Gyðja (The Sacred Summit) Jorito feat. Manji, Tuberz McGee & Lauren the Flute 4:46
10 Trepidation (Those Who Stand in the Way) Rozovian & MrSubstitute 6:13
Digital Media 3
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 The Road to Lhasa (Lhasa) Nadzilla 4:35
2 Espíritu Gitano (Quatro's) NyxTheShield 3:59
3 Protectress (Fyda) Nostalvania 5:24
4 Royd Rage (Royd) Trism, Jorito & Chimpazilla 6:06
5 An American Expanse (Freedom) djpretzel 4:17
6 Groovin' Like a '90s Kid (Perel) Jorito feat. Gnegon Galek & Juan Medrano 3:02
7 Walking Amidst Future (Neotokio) rebrained 3:44
8 AHHH, the Zombies Ate John Carpenter! (Wandering Souls) HoboKa feat. Usa 2:34
9 Hypotheosis (Laboratory) Trev Wignall 4:45
10 Dark Gaia Appears (Overcoming Everything) Sbeast 3:34
11 Mother Earth (Bound by Faith) [The Way Home] Manji & Jorito feat. JoyDreamer, Catie Williams & Richard Spencer 4:57


Digital Media 1

小林美代子 (track 7)
part of:
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR04011) (track 7)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR04012) (track 2)
arrangement of:
帰るべき所 (Terranigma) (track 2)
cover recording of:
旅立ち (track 7)
part of:
Terranigma (video game soundtrack) (track 7)
recording of:
Find My Way (OverClocked ReMix) (track 2)

Digital Media 3

part of:
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 16721) (track 5)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 16722) (track 3)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 16732) (track 4)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR04013) (track 5)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR04014) (track 3)
OverClocked ReMix (number: OCR04015) (track 4)
cover recording of:
Freedom (Terranigma) (track 5)
Royd (Terranigma) (track 4)
part of:
Terranigma (video game soundtrack) (tracks 3–5)
recording of:
Fyda (Terranigma) (track 3)

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