Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Non più mesta,0p.12 from 'La Cenerentola'by G.Rossini,arr.F.Kreisler
Gioachino Rossini 13:21
2 Caprice no.24 from 24 Caprices,op.1.arr.Fritz Kreisler
Niccolò Paganini 6:37
3 Variations on God Save the King,op.9
Niccolò Paganini 5:05
4 Cantabile
Niccolò Paganini 4:29
5 Nel cor più non mi sento from'La Molinara'by G.Paisiello
Giovanni Paisiello 14:56
6 Le Streghe,op.8 from'Il noce di Benevento'by Süssmayr,arr.F.Kreisler
Franz Xaver Süßmayr 13:02
7 La Campanella(The Bell),op.7 from the 3rd movement of Violin concerto No.2,arr.F.Kreisler
Niccolò Paganini 5:48
8 I Palpiti,op.13 from'Tancredi'by G.Rossini,arr.F.Kreisler
Gioachino Rossini 11:25


Medium 1

Ning Feng (Chinese classical violonist) (tracks 1–8)
violin arranger:
Fritz Kreisler (violinist / composer) (tracks 1–2)
Thomas Hoppe (German drummer - not the pianist) (tracks 1–8)
piano and violin arranger:
Fritz Kreisler (violinist / composer) (track 6)
piano arranger:
Fritz Kreisler (violinist / composer) (tracks 1–2)
Fritz Kreisler (violinist / composer) (tracks 7–8)
Niccolò Paganini (composer) (tracks 2–3, 7–8)
Gioachino Rossini (Italian composer 1792-1868) (track 1)
Giovanni Paisiello (1788) (track 5)
Niccolò Paganini (composer) (1813) (track 6)
Niccolò Paganini (composer) (1823) (track 4)
Giuseppe Palomba (librettist) (1788) (track 5)
G. Schirmer Inc. (track 5)
arrangement of:
I palpiti, op. 13 (for violin and orchestra) (track 8)
Ne! cor più non mi sento (edited by Paton for Alfred) (track 5)
is based on:
God Save the Queen (national anthem of several countries in the British Commonwealth) (track 3)
is the basis for:
Fantaisie, op. 16 (track 5)
recording of:
Cantabile (catch-all for arrangements) (track 4)
I palpiti, op. 13 (for violin and piano, Kreisler) (track 8)
La Molinara: "Nel cor più non mi sento" (catch-all arrangement) (track 5)
La campanella (for violin and piano, Kreisler) (track 7)
Le streghe, op. 8 (for violin and piano, arr. Kreisler) (track 6)
Non più mesta, 0p.12 (arr. F.Kreisler) (track 1)