Label: Polygram - Catalog #: FREE4 MC1 (CS)
Note: Promotional item for radio station CFNY 102.1 - The Edge

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Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Headache
Frank Black 2:42
A2 Roof With a Hole
Meat Puppets 3:33
A3 City of Tears
Courage of Lassie 5:12
A4 Marbles
Tindersticks 4:29
A5 Undertow
Lush 5 4:57
A6 Why Don't You Take Me
One Dove 3:40
A7 Soul in a Jar
The Veldt 5:28
B1 Broken and Mended
The Blue Aeroplanes 3:16
B2 Another Rider Up in Flames
The Charlatans 3:20
B3 Scrapbook of Madness
Polyphemus 3:42
B4 Smarter Than You
The Dylans 3:31
B5 Watch You Smile
Sun Dial 3:35
B6 Kim the Waitress
Material Issue 4:57
B7 Divine Hammer
The Breeders 2:41


Cassette 1

bass guitar:
Philip King (UK bassist for Lush/Jesus and Mary Chain) (track A5)
Chris Acland (track A5)
Emma Anderson (UK songwriter, guitarist & singer for Lush & Sing-Sing) (track A5)
Miki Berenyi (track A5)
Martin Ditcham (track A5)
assistant mixer:
Ronen Tal (1994-03 – 1994-04) (track A5)
background vocals:
Emma Anderson (UK songwriter, guitarist & singer for Lush & Sing-Sing) (track A5)
Miki Berenyi (track A5)
Kim Deal (track B7)
Curtis Schwartz (UK engineer) (1993-10) (track A5)
Mike Hedges (UK producer/recording engineer) (1993-10 – 1993-12) (track A5)
Chris Ludwinski (1993-10 – 1993-12) (track A5)
Lance Phillips (1993-10 – 1993-12) (track A5)
Paul Read (UK engineer) (1993-10 – 1993-12) (track A5)
Alan Moulder (1994-03 – 1994-04) (track A5)
Mike Hedges (UK producer/recording engineer) (track A5)
Lush (UK shoegazing band) (track A5)
Miki Berenyi (track A5)
phonographic copyright by:
4AD Limited (track A5)
mixed at:
Swanyard Studios in Islington, London, England, United Kingdom (1994-03 – 1994-04) (track A5)
recording of:
Divine Hammer (track B7)
Undertow (track A5)