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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 청개구리
PSY feat. G-DRAGON 3:31
2 뜨거운 안녕
PSY feat. 성시경 3:31
3 강남스타일
PSY 4.5 3:42
4 77학개론
PSY feat. 리쌍 + 김진표 4:41
5 어땠을까
PSY feat. 박정현 5 4:06
PSY feat. 윤도현 3:22


CD 1

유건형 (tracks 1–2, 4–6)
김태훈 (lyricist) (track 2)
PSY (South Korean singer and rapper) (tracks 1, 3–6)
유건형 (tracks 1, 3–6)
유희열 (track 2)
GD (track 1)
김진표 (track 4)
PSY (South Korean singer and rapper) (tracks 1–6)
유희열 (track 2)
phonographic copyright by:
Schoolboy (2012) (track 3)
Universal Republic Records (2012) (track 3)
Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc. (not an imprint, post-2008 subsidiary) (track 3)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (track 3)
Universal Tunes (track 3)
has remixes:
Ey Sexy Lady by Psycosis (track 3)
Gangno Use by Triple-Q (track 3)
karaoke versions:
A New Gangnam by Eonothem (track 3)
Cheetnam Men by Unikorn (track 3)
Covetous Gangnam by Triple-Q (track 3)
Crash Mash by RosalinaSama (track 3)
Crazy Psy by RosalinaSama (track 3)
Dango Style by RitzCookies (track 3)
Dark Styler by Triple-Q (track 3)
Demon op Song by Triple-Q (track 3)
Dragonstyler by Triple-Q (track 3)
Duel Style by Triple-Q (track 3)
EYYY Gangnamrena by Triple-Q (track 3)
Flexstyle Sentry by Triple-Q (track 3)
Gangjula by Triple-Q (track 3)
Gangnam Birds by Triple-Q (track 3)
Gangnam Damage by Psy Floyd (track 3)
Gangnam Dragon by Triple-Q (track 3)
Gangnam POWER by Triple-Q (track 3)
Gangnam Pit by HyperboltEDM (track 3)
Gangnam by Style by McMaNGOS (track 3)
Gangnamiru by L3dgy (track 3)
Gangnamronpa by Triple-Q (track 3)
Gangnamscada by Flaky (track 3)
Gangnamscape by Omario009 (track 3)
Get Gangnam by McMaNGOS (track 3)
Infinite Mashups by Triple-Q (track 3)
Instant Gangnam by McMaNGOS (track 3)
JetPsy JoyStyle by NHKira (track 3)
Muganghwa by Antirest (track 3)
Nashandra Style by Triple-Q (track 3)
Nonstop Pop 2012 by Isosine (track 3)
Nudist Psych by L3dgy (track 3)
Opapollo Style by StepShy (track 3)
Opp Psyorn King by Triple-Q (track 3)
Oppan & Smaah by L3dgy (track 3)
PSYing Fairy by Truongasm (track 3)
Psylent Hill by Triple-Q (track 3)
Psyral Mountain by Triple-Q (track 3)
Psyre Keepers by Triple-Q (track 3)
Ruin Psyentinel by Triple-Q (track 3)
Scoppioness by Triple-Q (track 3)
Slash the Style by Triple-Q (track 3)
Styling by Triple-Q (track 3)
Stylvius by L3dgy (track 3)
Subutan Style by L3dgy (track 3)
The Gangnam Gate by Triple-Q (track 3)
The Last Gangnam by Triple-Q (track 3)
The Lost Psynner by Triple-Q (track 3)
The Oppan by Triple-Q (track 3)
The Purpsyer by Triple-Q (track 3)
Viva Bodies by Triple-Q (track 3)
With Psy by RosalinaSama & Triple-Q (track 3)
YOU SAVE STYLE by Truongasm (track 3)
glitch op by Swordy (track 3)
music videos:
Gangnam Style by PSY (track 3)
sampled by:
Psy Fart by lihanEAD (track 3)
recording of:
77학개론 (track 4)
강남스타일 (track 3)
뜨거운 안녕 (track 2)
어땠을까 (track 5)
청개구리 (track 1)
referred to in medleys: