CD 1: Early Solo Albums
CD 2: All Our Own Work & The Strawbs
CD 3: What We Did on Our Holidays & Unhalfbricking
CD 4: Liege & Lief
CD 5: Fotheringay
CD 6: The North Star Grassman and the Ravens & The Bunch
CD 7: Sandy
CD 8: Like an Old Fashioned Waltz
CD 9: A Moveable Feast & Rising for the Moon
CD 10: Rendezvous
CD 11: Gold Dust Live at the Royalty
CD 12: The Early Home Demos
CD 13: Sessions & Demos (Sandy Solo and with Fairport Convention)
CD 14: Sessions & Demos (Fotheringay)
CD 15: Sessions & Demos (The North Star Grassman and the Ravens & Sandy)
CD 16: Sessions & Demos (Sandy & Like an Old Fashioned Waltz)
CD 17: Fairport Convention Live at the LA Troubador 1974
CD 18: Sessions & Demos (Rendezvous)
CD 19: The Byfield Demos 1974-77



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