There is something to truly be said about remixes, the amazing diversity and alternate journeys that one can take people on simply through expressing their own musical vision of a composition through musical alteration, mind-blowing to say the least. So it is with great pleasure that we at ESM are able to bring you the next installment to the Elliptical Sun Remixes series, a series that we feel truly brings a plethora of creativity and immense diversity, while still taking us for a trip on memory lane by bringing new life to timeless tracks from our past. For this next edition, we have the immense pleasure of welcoming some new talent, as well as tipping our hats to seasoned artists we all know. For ESM locals we have South Pole, Denis Neve, Blackluster and Meyro, who all did a fantastic job of showing why they hold a valuable seat on the ESM roster. For new talents we have Katrin Souza and Kamron Schrader, as well as returning acts Kryo, DGM and Tyler Dodds, all of which did an incredible job delivering their best renditions of some of their favorite productions to date on ESM. This collection truly speaks for itself in terms of talent and quality, as these artists truly put forth some incredible work that we feel is a honorable hail to each and every original track!

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Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Remains of the Past (South Pole remix)
Matt Eray 8:11
2 Air (Katrin Souza remix)
Joshua Ollerton 5:55
3 Nostalgia (Meyro remix)
Andrew Lang 6:50
4 Dream Girl (Denis Neve remix)
Joshua Ollerton 5:47
5 Hope (Kryo remix)
Roald Velden 6:19
6 Countervail (DGM remix)
Outlook 5:52


Digital Media 1

DGM (Australian electronic music producer) (track 6)
Kryo (Electronic music producer) (track 5)
Denis Neve (Electronic music producer) (track 4)
South Pole (Australian Trance and Progressive producer) (track 1)

Release Group

part of: Elliptical Sun Remixes (number: 4)