"Please, Give Me Something" the Roots of The Stray Cats

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CD 1
1Icky Poo
The Nomads42:44
2Tear It Up
Rock 'N' Roll Trio1:52
3Lonely Travelin'
Lonesome Lee2:22
4Sweet Love on My Mind
Jimmy & Johnny2:09
5Somethin' Else
recording of:
Somethin’ Else
lyricist and composer:
Eddie Cochran and Sharon Sheeley
Eddie Cochran2:07
6Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop
Lew Williams2:05
7Ubangi StompWarren Smith1:58
8Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie
Eddie Cochran2:19
9Please Give Me Something
Bill Allen2:15
10Double Talkin' Baby
Gene Vincent2:11
11My One Desire
Ricky Nelson2:13
12(Everytime I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone
Roy Montrell2:21
13Your Baby Blue Eyes
Rock 'N' Roll Trio2:07
14Wasn't That Good?
Wynonie Harris2:26
15Let's Have a Ball
recording of:
Let's Have a Ball
Tarheel Slim
The Wheels2:42
16Rock Therapy
double bass:
Dorsey Burnette (on 1956-07-04)
drums (drum set):
Murray M. "Buddy" Harman, Jr. (on 1956-07-04)
Paul Burlison (on 1956-07-04) and Johnny Burnette (on 1956-07-04)
Johnny Burnette (on 1956-07-04)
recorded at:
Bradley Studio (aka the "Quonset Hut") in Nashville, Tennessee, United States (on 1956-07-04)
cover recording of:
Rock Therapy (on 1956-07-04)
Alice Bayer, Glen Moore (composer of "Lonesome Train") and Milton Subotsky
Big Seven Music Corp.
Rock 'N' Roll Trio2:14
17Race With the Devil
double bass [upright bass]:
Jack Neal (on 1956-05-04)
drums (drum set) [drums]:
Dickie Harrell (on 1956-05-04)
guitar [lead guitar]:
Cliff Gallup (lead guitarist for The Blue Caps) (on 1956-05-04)
guitar [rhythm guitar]:
Willie Williams (50s rock guitarist) (on 1956-05-04)
Gene Vincent (on 1956-05-04)
recorded at:
Owen Bradley Studio (aka the "Quonset Hut") in Nashville, Tennessee, United States (on 1956-05-04)
recording of:
Race with the Devil (on 1956-05-04)
Bill “Tex” Davis and Gene Vincent
Central Songs
Gene Vincent2:01
18I'm Looking for Someone to Love
Norman Petty
double bass:
Larry Welborn (on 1957-02-25)
guitar [lead], guitar [rhythm] and lead vocals:
Buddy Holly (1950s rock & roll singer-songwriter) (on 1957-02-25)
Jerry Allison (on 1957-02-25)
background vocals:
June Clark (background vocals for The Crickets) (on 1957-02-25), Niki Sullivan (on 1957-02-25), Gary Tollett (on 1957-02-25) and Ramona Tollett (on 1957-02-25)
recorded at:
Norman Petty Studios in Clovis, New Mexico, United States (on 1957-02-25)
recording of:
I'm Lookin' for Someone to Love (on 1957-02-25)
Buddy Holly (1950s rock & roll singer-songwriter) and Norman Petty
MPL Communications Inc. (Paul McCartney‐related, NYC‐based company) and Wren Music Co.
The Crickets1:55
19Beautiful Delilah
Leonard & Phil Chess (Legendary US production duo) (on 1958-06-12)
double bass:
Willie Dixon (on 1958-06-12)
drums (drum set):
Odie Payne (Drummer, born in 1926) (on 1958-06-12)
guitar and lead vocals:
Chuck Berry (on 1958-06-12)
Paul Gayten (US R&B) (on 1958-06-12)
recorded at:
Sheldon Recording Studios, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, United States (on 1958-06-12)
recording of:
Beautiful Delilah (on 1958-06-12)
lyricist and composer:
Chuck Berry Music Inc.
Arc Music (U.S. rock & blues publisher) and Arc Music Corp. (U.S. rock & blues publisher)
Chuck Berry32:08
20One Hand Loose
Charlie Feathers2:21
21Everybody's Movin'
Glen Glenn2:41
22Slip, Slip, Slippin' In
Eddie Bond2:06
23Your True Love
recording of:
Your True Love (in 1957-01)
lyricist and composer:
Carl Perkins (American pioneer of rockabilly music)
Aberbach (London) (Publisher) and Carl Perkins Music Inc.
Carl Perkins2:43
24Stood UpRicky Nelson1:51
25Let It Rock
Leonard & Phil Chess (Legendary US production duo)
drums (drum set):
Fred Below (from 1959-07-27 until 1959-07-29)
electric bass guitar:
Reggie Boyd (from 1959-07-27 until 1959-07-29)
guitar and lead vocals:
Chuck Berry (from 1959-07-27 until 1959-07-29)
Johnnie Johnson (from 1959-07-27 until 1959-07-29)
recorded at:
Ter-Mar Recording Studios (1950s–1970s recording & mastering studio) in Chicago, Illinois, United States (from 1959-07-27 until 1959-07-29)
recording of:
Let It Rock (from 1959-07-27 until 1959-07-29)
lyricist and composer:
Chuck Berry
Arc Music (U.S. rock & blues publisher), Arc Music Corporation (U.S. rock & blues publisher) and Isalee Music Publishing Company
Chuck Berry41:44
26Mystery TrainElvis Presley2:27
27Sleep WalkSanto & Johnny4.552:21
28Hidden Charms
Chet Atkins2:29