I am still working on the healing music thing. I really appreciate all the responses. There were 120-something of them. As you can understand. This will probably take me until I'm 40 or something. I have decided that to be fair I'm going to simply do them in the order that they arrived. This was the second...

Hi Bradford, my name is (i'm witholding that until he gives me permission to put it here).
Here's my story idea for a song:

I'm in love with a boy 557.72 miles away. His name is Matt. We try as hard as we can to see each other but it's so hard sometimes. I think a song about us would be amazing and help me out when it's hard and I'm missing him. We have nick names for each other. I'm "Honeybear" and he's "Pumpkin." Those are the song titles of two Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs. We've only seen each other 3 times and we talk all the time online and on the phone whenever we can. This christmas he planned on coming to see me but can't. And I was going to propose to him. I think the long distance relationship topic is taboo. But it's still love.

Thank you for your time.

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