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Source Info: Hogweed Release, see information below.

Sound editor's notes;

Massey Hall, Toronto, 8th November 1973.

The Show;

This show comes from a very good audience recording, and one of the rare
stereo recordings of the period. There are interesting moments when the
stereo mix in the PA is quite apparent; listen for Steve's guitar whizzing
from side to side during Watcher, and again Steve's decorative notes during
the 'Old King Cole' section of The Musical Box. However the taper also had
a habit of 'wandering' the microphone from side to side in time with the
music to create a simulated stereo shift - hey it was the 70s, stereo was a
novelty! This is particularly noticeable during the intro to Watcher and
sections of Supper's Ready.

The show was not taped using automatic record levels, and hence it presents
the relative dynamics of an early Genesis show very accurately.

This is a powerful performance, and Watcher stands out as one of the most
majestic versions I have heard. Cinema Show is also powerful, with great
drumming from Phil. You can hear the audience's reaction to the flash pots
going off at the beginning of the New Jerusalem section of Supper's Ready.
Listen also for tuning problems with Tony's keyboards; during the first
half of the set his electric piano seems a bit out, and the melotron goes
slightly off during the closing sections of Apocalypse.

The show was apparently performed without a light show, both Gabriel and
Collins apologise for the fact that their lighting gear is stuck in a truck
broken down somewhere between Quebec and Toronto. This incidentally
confirms the date, as they played Quebec the night before.

The Source;

I have sourced this recording from a 2nd generation tape. This tape is
90mins long, and thus the show is incomplete, missing Epping Forest (and
possibly Horizons, if it was performed that night). This 90min version is
all that seems to be known, and I have reasons to believe that the 2nd gen
is the best that may exist, short of finding the master.

On a close listen to the tape, what I believe has happened is this;
The taper begins recording the show on a C90 tape, which runs out after 45
mins and is flipped at the crescendo of Steve's guitar solo in Firth of
Fifth (bummer!), so we're onto another tape side at that point. Given the
other 5 mins of Firth, plus 12 odd mins of Epping, an intro, maybe
Horizons, we're now coming up to over 20 mins into that side. (It could
even be a second tape, maybe only a C60.)

Then Gabriel begins introducing Musical Box. A minute or so into the intro,
enough time to realise 'this is going to be Musical Box, and its going to
run around 12 mins', the guy decides to flip the tape again. You can hear
the edit; someone in the audience nearby calls out "Bill!", the end of the
word is cut, then Gabriel's whistle indicating the trajectory of little
Henry's head. It seems to me there may be a section of Gabriel's intro
missing, the description of Cynthia coming up behind him with her mallet
raise high etc.

Anyway, now we're onto another side of a C90 tape, and it runs straight
through, running out exactly as expected 45 mins later, just on the final
bars of Supper's Ready.

From those tapes, I believe someone, probably the taper but possibly a
close associate, has compiled a single 90 min tape to trade with (thus a
first gen). They've dropped Epping Forest and joined up the other sections.
The taper may have had record problems during Epping Forest, and so left it
off his duplicating master. Thus I believe everyone who has this show, from
when it was originally traded in the late70s/80s, only has 90 mins on 2nd
gen copies.

Another interesting note is that this tape was made by the same guy who
recorded Pink Floyd at Maple Leaf Gardens on the 11th March, 8 months
earlier. The stereo wanderings are very recognisable (and work better with
Floyd). He taped the complete Floyd show at 125 mins, and it is almost
certain he would have been set up to do the same at this show (hope for the
missing songs maybe?).

Also, a nearby member of the audience, presumably a friend, was in the
habit of shouting "Yeeshkull!!". During the Floyd show Mr. Yeeshkull is
prominent enough to have the boot version of this show named after him.
During this Genesis gig however, he is much more subdued (although there
are some other guys nearby who are very vocal - 'Robot!' and 'Voice of
Spider!' notably). At one point, just before Mike's 12-string intro to
Cinema Show, you can hear this guy say, "Maybe I should give a
Yeeshkull!!". I'm glad he doesn't, but it does suggest this was his
signature call at concerts. Again, it was the 70s! :-)

The Restoration;

This tape was a difficult one to work with. Firstly it was relatively
hissy, with a dramatic drop off in treble information above 4KHz, to almost
nothing above about 8KHz. However it contains a wealth of fine detail. The
problem was how to drop the hiss levels without loosing all that textural
detail and ambience, whilst bringing out what little information was to be
heard in the top end. My decision has been to leave a noise floor that
still includes ambience and harmonic detail, but hopefully reduces the hiss
to less obtrusive amounts. Phil's cymbals still lack 'Ting!', its just not
on the source, but I've brought the treble up to realistic levels - the
melotron intro to Watcher is lovely and gritty.

Also the bass was very subdued. I have ended up isolating everything below
150Hz and remixed it in. A lot of Mike's bass pedal work in Supper's Ready
was difficult, almost not there at all. There was also significant
'woofing' of the microphone during loud midrange peaks: Gabriel's vocals
during quieter sections, nearby audience members etc. Plus bumping of the
microphone between songs and during More Fool Me, all of which I have

The recording is pitched accurately, and there has been no alteration of
dynamics, as automatic record levels were not used.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Watcher of the Skies
2 Britannia Story
3 Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
4 Romeo Story
5 Cinema Show
6 I Know What I Like
7 5 Rivers Story
8 Firth of Fifth
CD 2
# Title Rating Length
1 Henry Story
2 The Musical Box
3 More Fool Me
4 Old Michael Story
5 Supper's Ready


CD 1

Tony Banks (tracks 3, 6, 8)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (tracks 3, 5–6, 8)
Peter Gabriel (tracks 3, 5–6, 8)
Steve Hackett (tracks 3, 5–6, 8)
Mike Rutherford (tracks 3, 5–6, 8)
Tony Banks (tracks 5, 8)
Peter Gabriel (tracks 3, 6)
Mike Rutherford (track 8)
Tony Banks (track 1)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 1)
Peter Gabriel (track 1)
Steve Hackett (track 1)
Mike Rutherford (track 1)
Concord Sounds (tracks 5, 8)
EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (tracks 1, 5, 8)
Genesis Music Ltd (track 8)
Imagem (track 8)
Imagem Music GmbH (subsidiary of Dutch music publishers Imagem) (tracks 5, 8)
Michael Rutherford Ltd. (tracks 5, 8)
Philip Collins Ltd. (tracks 5, 8)
Quartet (track 1)
Real World Music, Ltd. (tracks 1, 5, 8)
Stephen Hackett Ltd. (tracks 5, 8)
Yellow Dog Music Inc (tracks 3, 5–6, 8)
Carlin Music Corporation (1973 –) (tracks 3, 5–6, 8)
Notebest Ltd (1973 –) (tracks 3, 5–6, 8)
recorded at:
Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1973-11-08) (tracks 1–8)
live recording of:
Dancing With the Moonlit Knight (1973-11-08) (track 3)
Firth of Fifth (1973-11-08) (track 8)
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) (1973-11-08) (track 6)
The Cinema Show (1973-11-08) (track 5)
Watcher of the Skies (1973-11-08) (track 1)

CD 2

Tony Banks (track 3)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 3)
Peter Gabriel (track 3)
Steve Hackett (track 3)
Mike Rutherford (track 3)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 3)
Mike Rutherford (track 3)
Tony Banks (tracks 2, 5)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (tracks 2, 5)
Peter Gabriel (tracks 2, 5)
Steve Hackett (tracks 2, 5)
Mike Rutherford (tracks 2, 5)
Carlin (track 2)
Stratsong Ltd (track 2)
Quartet Music (1971) (track 2)
Carlin Music Corporation (1973 –) (track 3)
Notebest Ltd (1973 –) (track 3)
recorded at:
Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1973-11-08) (tracks 1–5)
is based on:
F Sharp (track 2)
Manipulation (track 2)
live recording of:
More Fool Me (1973-11-08) (track 3)
Supper’s Ready (1973-11-08) (track 5)
The Musical Box (1973-11-08) (track 2)
Lover’s Leap (track 5)
Willow Farm (track 5)
Apocalypse in 9/8 (track 5)