Label: Starchild Recordings / Catalog #: STAR 1307

Features Double Dee & Steinski's three legendary tape-edited "Lesson" megamixes and several recordings inspired by them.
Live Lesson A was performed on five decks on the 1997 Future Primitive tour.
Live Lesson B was performed at Fillmore, San Franciso.
Live Lesson C was performed to an audience of 100,000 at a festival in France in 1999.

Note: This is a bootleg/unofficial release and that Lesson 2 is a full minute shorter than the original Tommy Boy version, which can also be found on the RPM "History of Hip Hop" bootleg.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Lesson 1: The Payoff Mix
Double Dee + Steinski 5:24
2 Lesson 2: The James Brown Mix
Double Dee + Steinski 4:24
3 Lesson 3: The History of Hip Hop Mix
Double Dee + Steinski 4:58
4 Lesson 4
DJ Shadow 7:46
5 Lesson 4: The Radio
Cut Chemist 5:31
6 Lesson 6: The Lecture (original Unedited version)
Cut Chemist 6:36
7 Live Lesson A
Cut Chemist meets Shortkut 5:31
8 Live Lesson B
Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow & Steinski 11:43
9 Live Lesson C
DJ Shadow 20:18


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