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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Licence to Chill Billy Ocean 4:59
2 Blame It on the Boogie Big Fun 5:37
3 The Time Warp (PWL extended remix) Damian 5:39
4 Hey Music Lover S’Express 5:21
5 Straight Up Paula Abdul 5:36
6 Voodoo Ray A Guy Called Gerald 3:37
7 Ska Train The Beatmasters featuring Betty Boo 5:02
8 Pump Up the Jam Technotronic featuring Felly 5:18
9 Say No Go (say no dope mix) De La Soul 5:43
10 Grandpa’s Party (music mix) Monie Love 5:06
11 Doowhatchyalike Digital Underground 5:55
12 I’m Housin EPMD 3:38
13 Born This Way (Let’s dance) The Cookie Crew 5:29
14 Turn Up the Bass (Fast Eddie mix) Tyree 5:04
CD 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Big Fun (club remix) Inner City featuring Kevin Saunderson 6:20
2 The Right Stuff (remix) Vanessa Williams 6:17
3 Joy and Pain Donna Allen 4:04
4 One Man (one mix) Chanelle 6:37
5 Payback Is a Bitch (What Goes Around Comes Around) Liz Torres 4:16
6 It’s Not Over (Let No Man Put Asunder) (unabridged club mix) Lonnie Gordan 3:32
7 Come Get My Lovin’ (remix) Dionne 4:52
8 Numero uno (new remix) Starlight 6:20
9 Afro Dizzi Act Cry Sisco! 6:00
10 Sueño Latino (the latin dream edit) Sueño Latino 3:50
11 Helyom halib Cappella 6:33
12 Paradhouse (remix) Koxo Club Band 3:46
13 Salsa House Richie Rich 3:33
14 The Real Wild House Raúl Orellana 6:00


CD 1

Richard O’Brien (track 3)
Elliot Wolff (track 5)
Thomas de Quincey (Belgian producer Jo Bogaert [Technotronic]) (track 8)
Gerald Simpson (track 6)
Patrick de Meyer (track 8)
Fast Eddie (Chicago house producer) (track 14)
Richard O’Brien (track 3)
Elliot Wolff (track 5)
Manuela Kamosi (Belgian-Congolese singer Manuela Kamosi) (track 8)
Tyree Cooper (US acid house DJ Tyree Cooper) (track 14)
Fast Eddie (Chicago house producer) (track 14)
Kool Rock Steady (track 14)
Sara Allen (track 9)
Susie Banfield (track 13)
Glenn K. Bolton (track 13)
Paul Carter (The Beatmasters) (track 7)
Amanda Glanfield (track 7)
Daryl Hall (track 9)
Dave Jackson (Motown songwriter aka Dave Jackson-Rich) (track 2)
Mick Jackson (English singer-songwriter, “Blame It On the Boogie” co-writer) (track 2)
Dave Jolicoeur (Plug 2 of De La Soul) (track 9)
Elmar Krohn (track 2)
Vincent Mason (US rapper Vincent Mason, member of De La Soul) (track 9)
Marvin Nemley (track 13)
John Oates (track 9)
Kelvin Mercer (US rapper/producer Kelvin Mercer, aka Pos) (track 9)
Paul Huston (US hip hop DJ & producer) (track 9)
Debbie Pryce (track 13)
Steve Scipio (track 9)
Erick Sermon (track 12)
Parrish Smith (US rapper aka PMD) (track 12)
Sylvester Stewart (track 4)
Abrim Tilmon (track 9)
Tyree Cooper (US acid house DJ Tyree Cooper) (track 14)
Richard Walmsley (track 7)
Druidcrest Ltd. (track 3)
Hollenbeck Music (track 3)
Pop Star Publishing (track 14)
recorded at:
remix of:
Turn Up the Bass by Tyree (track 14)
is based on:
Technotronic (track 8)
later parody versions:
Time Warp (track 3)
later translated parody versions:
Mon prof de gym (track 8)
Pump ab das Bier (track 8)
Pump die Marmelade (track 8)
later translated versions:
Baile del sapo (track 3)
Deine Mutti (track 2)
Tíðhnit (track 3)
part of:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975 film soundtrack) (order: 4) (track 3)
The Rocky Horror Show (1973 stage musical) (order: 5) (track 3)
recording of:
Hey Music Lover (track 4)
I’m Housin’ (track 12)
Pump Up the Jam (track 8)
Say No Go (track 9)
Ska Train (track 7)
Straight Up (track 5)
The Time Warp (track 3)
Turn Up the Bass (track 14)
Voodoo Ray (track 6)
referred to in medleys:
Megamix (order: 4) (track 8)
Polka Your Eyes Out (order: 5) (track 8)

CD 2

Roberto Attarantato (track 12)
Mauro Tomasoni (track 12)
Roberto Attarantato (track 12)
Chris Birkett (track 9)
Roland Clark (house DJ, producer and vocalist) (track 4)
Claudio Collino (track 10)
Pierangelo Feroldi (Italian House DJ/Producer Pierangelo Feroldi) (track 11)
Daniele Davoli (track 8)
Dionne Warren (garage house vocalist Dionne Warren) (track 7)
Arthur Forest (track 1)
Andrea Gemolotto (track 10)
Manuel Göttsching (track 10)
Andrew Komis (track 7)
Rick Lenoir (track 11)
Mirko Limoni (track 8)
Charlene Munford (track 4)
Raúl Orellana (DJ & producer) (track 14)
Michael Ova (track 7)
James Pennington (Detroit techno producer) (track 1)
Riccardo Persi (track 10)
Richie Rich (80s-90s UK DJ/producer) (track 13)
Pieradis Rossini (track 11)
Kevin Saunderson (track 1)
Valerio Semplici (Black Box) (track 8)
David Shaw (UK Progressive House/Trance producer/DJ) (track 4)
Larry Thompson (2-Bit Project) (track 11)
Ian West (Cry Sisco!) (track 9)
recording of:
Afro Dizzi Act (track 9)
Big Fun (track 1)
Helyom halib (track 11)
Numero Uno (track 8)
One Man (track 4)
Paradhouse (track 12)
Salsa House (track 13)
Sueño Latino (track 10)
The Real Wild House (track 14)


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