CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Sronos Kantong Khiev (Blue Basket)
Kieng Yuhhan 3:53
2 Ye Hua Dam (aka: Look at the Owl)
Darkie 2:23
3 Knyom Chea Howra (I Am a Fortune Teller)
Klan Han 3:12
4 Bong Mork Rok Oun Heuy (Coming to Meet You)
Meas Samon 2:33
5 Roserb Nas! Roserb Nas! (Don't Let My Girlfriend Tickle Me)
Sinn Sisamouth 2:54
6 Ye Hua Dam (aka: Look at the Owl) (instrumental)
Darkie 2:26
7 [unknown instrumental]
[unknown] 2:38
8 Damrey Cheung Buon (The Four Feet of the Elephant)
Son Thoeung 4:22
9 Noe Euy Srey Noe (Lady Named Noe)
Eueng Nary & Pen Ran 4:31
10 Om Touk Knong Beung (Lake Festival)
Son Thoeung 2:57
11 Original Music Segue From Golden Dragon VHS Cassette
Golden Dragon Band 2:06
12 Two Wives Are Twice the Problem
Prum Manh 3:09
13 Kmean Luok Te Sneha (Love's Not for Sale)
Ros Sereysothea & Dara Chomchan 3:14
14 Rom Jangvak Khmer Leur Muoy Bot Sen (Rhythm of the Lam Leow Highlanders)
Pen Ran 2:38
15 Sronos Kantong Khiev - aka: Blue Basket (instrumental)
Wat Phnom Orchestra 3:23
16 [unknown]
[unknown] 2:15
17 Euy Saob Nas (Oh, How I Hate You)
[unknown] 4:00
18 [unknown]
[unknown] 2:51
19 She Doesn't Need Your Money
[unknown] 3:51
20 Bong Lear Hoy Oun (Goodbye Love)
Son Thoeung 2:42
21 To Tea Yum Chlong (Birds Are Singing But My Lover Won't Return)
Chhoun Vanna 2:35



ASIN: US: B01FSH6HQK [info]