12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Solitude of the Mountains
Gil Flat 3:25
A2 Thief
The Enticers 2:30
A3 Like a Friend
Roger Webb 3:15
A4 Puella! Puella!
Man 3:34
A5 Flower Pot
Load Stone 3:17
A6 Flashpoint
Music De Wolfe 2:30
A7 Number One Spy
Syd Dale 2:22
B1 Profil Crec 1
Vladimir Cosma 0:31
B2 Escalation
Nowy 2:58
B3 Lost Star
Anthony King 3:32
B4 Act of Threat
Rex Brown Company 3:09
B5 Name of the Game
Brian Bennett 2:30
B6 Thunderbird
Johnny Pearson 2:05
B7 Metamorphose Dementielle
Caravelli 2:20
B8 A Time for Us
Joe Pass 3:12
B9 Drum Skit
[unknown] 0:53


Release Group

part of: Dusty Fingers (number: 13)