CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 He Is Your Friend
Joe T. Vannelli feat. Helen & Terry 8:47
2 Where Is My Man (Joe T Vannelli Attack mix)
Eartha Kitt 6:00
3 My Prerogative (Joe T Vannelli Light mix)
Bobby Brown 5:12
4 Return of the Mack (Joe T Vannelli Light mix)
Mark Morrison 5:24
5 Do You Fell What Im Feeling
Joe T. Vannelli feat. Vlynn 8:21
6 Voices in Harmony (feat. Csilla)
Joe T. Vannelli feat. Csilla 5:45
7 Full Moon (Joe T Vannelli Light mix)
Robert Miles 5:00
8 The Key (Joe T Vannelli remix)
Co*bra 5:49
9 Never Knew
Joe T. Vannelli feat. Alison Limerick 6:13
10 Nitebush (feat. Philypo)
Joe T. Vannelli 3:46
11 Do You Love Me
Joe T. Vannelli feat. Mijan 6:03
12 Fantasy
Joe T. Vannelli feat. Csilla 6:38
CD 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Children
Joe T. Vannelli feat. Janice Robinson 4:21
2 Come Together (Joe T Vannelli City Light mix)
Joe Roberts 7:19
3 Do You Wanna Funk (Joe T Vannelli Light mix)
Space 2000 7:17
4 He's Alright (Joe T Vannelli remix)
Jasper Street Co. 7:23
5 Better Way (Joe T Vannelli remix) (feat. Chance)
Nathan G presents Lucky Charm 7:51
6 Dont Bring Me Down
Joe T. Vannelli Project feat. Vlynn 6:52
7 Play With the Voice (Joe T Vannelli Free Voice mix)
Joe T. Vannelli feat. Csilla 5:43
8 Stand Up
Joe T. Vannelli Project feat. Helen Bruner & Terry Jones 7:41
9 Sweetest Day of May
Joe T. Vannelli Project feat. Harambee 7:21
10 Don't Leave Me This Way
Joe T. Vannelli vs. Thelma Houston 7:03


CD 1

Mark Morrison (r&b vocalist) (track 4)
Mark Morrison (r&b vocalist) (track 4)
Bobby Brown (R&B singer, New Edition member) (track 3)
Gene Griffin (track 3)
Jacques Morali (track 2)
Teddy Riley (US R&B singer & producer) (track 3)
Bruce Vilanch (track 2)
Fred Zarr (track 2)
Bump 7 (Continuous Mix) (Full Continuous DJ Mix of Bump 7, mixed by DJ Costa) by DJ Costa (track 2)
Where Is My Man (Joe T Vanelli Attack mix) (part of “Bump 7” DJ‐mix) by Eartha Kitt (track 2)
recording of:
My Prerogative (track 3)
Return of the Mack (track 4)
Where Is My Man (track 2)

CD 2

Kenneth Gamble (track 10)
Cary Gilbert (track 10)
Leon Huff (Philly soul producer, of Gamble & Huff) (track 10)
Warner‐Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track 10)
cover recording of: