CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 The Blessing (Oidhche Mhath Keibh) 4:26
2 Sweet Betsy From Pike 3:11
3 I Am Going to the West 5:25
4 The Streets of Laredo (The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime) 6:57
5 Lord Franklin 5:11
6 An Spailpín Fanach (The Wandering Laborer) 3:27
7 Last Night by the River 4:36
8 The Water Is Wide 5:05
9 Wondrous Love 6:19
10 Winter's Night 3:40
11 My Dearest Dear 4:24
12 Brother Green 5:17


CD 1

Johnny Cunningham (Scottish fiddler) (tracks 2–3, 5–6, 10–11)
Skip Gorman (track 10)
fiddle and guitar:
Skip Gorman (track 4)
John Catchings (track 7)
Paddy League (track 2)
bodhrán and snare drum:
Paddy League (track 6)
Roger Landes (tracks 2, 6, 10)
Arthur Shortbull (track 7)
Jerry Douglas (US guitar and dobro player) (track 12)
Russ Barenberg (tracks 1, 5, 8)
Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician) (track 10)
Roger Landes (track 12)
Zan McLeod (guitarist) (tracks 2–3, 6, 11)
John Hartford (track 10)
double bass:
Bob Burns (bass player) (tracks 6, 10)
lap steel guitar:
Jerry Douglas (US guitar and dobro player) (track 8)
foot stomps and percussion:
Paddy League (track 10)
Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician) (track 12)
keyboard and tin whistle:
Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician) (tracks 6–7)
fretless bass:
Dave Pomeroy (track 9)
Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician) (track 8)
piano and tin whistle:
Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician) (track 3)
Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician) (tracks 2, 4)
accordion and keyboard:
Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician) (tracks 1, 11)
accordion, keyboard, piano and tin whistle:
Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician) (tracks 5, 9)
uilleann pipes:
Jerry O’Sullivan (tracks 2–3, 5–6, 9)
additional composer:
Connie Dover (track 12)
additional lyricist:
Connie Dover (track 12)
Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician) (tracks 1–12)
Connie Dover (tracks 1–12)
Connie Dover (tracks 3, 7)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (tracks 1–2, 4–6, 8–11)
Connie Dover (tracks 3, 7)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (tracks 2, 4–6, 8–11)
Jon McFadyen (1897) (track 1)
Skip Gorman (track 4)
Connie Dover (tracks 1–12)
part of:
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 87) (order: 55) (track 8)
Child Ballads (number: 204) (order: 65) (track 8)
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 487) (order: 202) (track 5)
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 5089) (order: 506) (track 9)
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 23650) (order: 650) (track 4)
The Water Is Wide (arr. Karla Bonoff & Frank Hamilton) (track 8)
What Wondrous Love (track 9)
What Wondrous Love Is This (The Sacred Harp tune "Wondrous Love") (track 9)
Wondrous Love (southern harmony) (track 9)
Wondrous Love (arr. Parker/Shaw) (track 9)
is based on:
Cailín Óg a Stór (traditional Irish melody) (track 5)
Neither Spirit Nor Bird (Shoshone Love Song/Poem) (track 7)
O Waly, Waly (track 8)
is the basis for:
The Oyster Pirate (track 4)
The Water Is Wide (James Taylor arrangement) (track 8)
later parody versions:
As I Walked Out (track 4)
later translated versions:
La mer est immense (track 8)
later versions:
Cowboy's Lament (Ken Maynard version) (track 4)
The Water Is Wide (track 8)
recording of:
Brother Green (Connie Dover adaptation) (track 12)
My Dearest Dear (track 11)
Streets of Laredo (aka "Cowboy's Lament") (track 4)
The Water Is Wide (18th Century shanty) (track 8)
Winter's Night (track 10)
Wondrous Love (track 9)
version of:
Brother Green (American Civil War song) (track 12)
The Unfortunate Rake (Roud 2; Laws Q26 / B1) (track 4)


design/illustration:Jackie Ahlstrom
photography:Gehrig Fry
Jane McBee
liner notes:Connie Dover
assistant engineer:Darren Luke
David McLean
engineer:Bil VornDick
producer:Phil Cunningham (Scottish musician)
mastering:Randy LeRoy (American recording and mastering engineer)
hammered dulcimer:Craig Duncan
recorded at:Studio At Mole End in Franklin, Tennessee, United States
mixed at:Dark Horse Recording in Franklin, Tennessee, United States
Studio At Mole End in Franklin, Tennessee, United States
mastered at:Final Stage Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee, United States
ASIN:US: B00004SUM0 [info]