12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Battle 0:26
A2 Beat Box 8:23
A3 The Army Now 3 2:05
A4 Donna 3 1:45
B1 Moments in Love 4.5 10:18
B2 Bright Noise 4 0:06
B3 Flesh in Armour 4 1:26
B4 Comes and Goes 3 1:20
B5 Moment in Love 5 1:29


12" Vinyl 1

electronic instruments:
Anne Dudley (track B1)
Trevor Horn (track B1)
J.J. Jeczalik (track B1)
Gary Langan (track B1)
Anne Dudley (tracks A2, A4–B1)
Trevor Horn (tracks A2, A4–B1)
J.J. Jeczalik (tracks A2, A4–B1)
Gary Langan (tracks A2, A4–B1)
Paul Morley (tracks A2, B1)
sampled by:
Hey Love by King Sun-D Moet (track B1)
It's All About Me by Mýa (track B1)
Kiss by Art of Noise feat. Tom Jones (track B1)
Now It’s On by Tech N9ne feat. Lejo (track B1)
Now It’s On by Tech N9ne feat. Lejo (track B1)
Shalom by Professor X (track A2)
is the basis for:
Moments in Soul (track B1)
later versions:
recording of:
Beatbox (track A2)
Donna (track A4)
Moment in Love (shorter version of Moments in Love) (track B5)
Moments in Love (track B1)