Lien VΦD is an experimental psychedelic artist, transgender noise shaman.

It’s all about atmospheric, đàn môi, ethnic, experimental, field recording, industrial, jaw harp, noise, psychedelic, ritual, schizophrenic, shaman, transgender, tribal…

“From town to town, from heart to heart all over the Europe I traveled, but nothing was that I’ve found for me. Everything, everyone around looks empty, my pure love is spreading out to nowhere, it’s for you, all of you. I feel silence, I love moon. So much, so schizophrenic…”

Lien Void supports and propagates:

– Buddhism, paganism, shamanism, Tao, Zen, psychedelic and entheogenic use for spiritual exploration
– vegetarian, vegan, raw food, fruitarian, liquidarian, breatharian, Inedia diets & lifestyles
– Antifa movement, ALF (Animal Liberation Front), ELF (Earth Liberation Front), Food Not Bombs movement, ecology activism, freeganism, green anarchism, hippie movement
– free and open software: Ardour, Linux, Ubuntu and so on…

As a trans girl she stays strong for LGBT rights, especially the rights of transgender people & she is really proud to be one of them (:

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Mirror Dance
2 Shadows Ov Thee Mountain
3 Farewell



download for free: [info]