Tracklists on back cover and booklet are showing 11 tracks, but only 9 are on the CD, last track contains 3 songs (noted tracks 9,10,11).

On spine:
CD 25265

On back cover:
COL CD 25265 (top right)
01-025265-10 (bottom right)

On last page of the booklet:
US MK 37793 (top right)
Printed in Holland / Imprimé en Hollande

On CD:
CDCBS 25265
LC 0149
Made in Austria

About release year:
This specific release has "Manufactured by DADC Austria" on CD matrix, and according to this DADC history "1987: Sony started up DADC Austria to press for CBS Europe and other labels."
but back cover and catalog number says Columbia and CD 25265.

Wikipedia about Columbia Records says "In 1988, the CBS Records Group, including the Columbia Records unit, was acquired by Sony, which re-christened the parent division Sony Music Entertainment in 1991." ... "The CBS Records label was officially renamed Columbia Records on January 1, 1991 worldwide except Spain (where Sony acquired the rights by 2004) and Japan".

But on back cover we have "Columbia (c) 1983 VeraBra Records / "Columbia" is the exclusive trademark of Sony Music Entertainment Inc. / Distribution Sony Music", and Reuters info published October 16, 1990 says "CBS Records Changes Name: The Sony Corporation's CBS Records Inc. will change its name to Sony Music Entertainment Inc., the record company said yesterday."

So this CD was released after 1991 for sure, but since the change to Columbia is only on back cover, disc is prolly coming from "old" CBS stock (CD was pressed after 1987, matrix has "old" catalog number CDCBS 25265).

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Caverna Magica
2 Mandragora
3 Lunar Pond
4 Schajah Saretosh
5 Sena Stanjéna?
3 2:40
6 Belladonna
7 Angóh!
8 Huiziopochtli
9 Con chiglia / Geastrum Coronatum / La Paix verde
3 4:59


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