12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Dancing With Mr. D.
3 4:51
A2 100 Years Ago
3 3:57
A3 Coming Down Again
3 5:54
A4 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
3.5 3:26
A5 Angie
3.8 4:32
B1 Silver Train
3 4:27
B2 Hide Your Love
3.35 4:12
B3 Winter
3 5:30
B4 Can You Hear the Music
3 5:31
B5 Star Star
3.35 4:26


12" Vinyl 1

strings arranger:
Nicky Harrison (track A5)
guest piano:
Nicky Hopkins (track A5)
Jimmy Miller (producer for Rolling Stones/Nirvana etc) (tracks A1–B5)
Mick Jagger (tracks A1–B5)
Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist) (tracks A1–B5)
later translated parody versions:
Roger (track A5)
later translated versions:
Angie (german version) (track A5)
Angie (german version) (track A5)
Eensche (track A5)
recording of:
100 Years Ago (track A2)
Angie (track A5)
Coming Down Again (track A3)
Dancing With Mr. D. (track A1)
Hide Your Love (track B2)
Silver Train (track B1)
Star Star (track B5)
Winter (track B3)