Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. / The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle / Born to Run (horizontal obi strip)

~ Release by Bruce Springsteen (see all versions of this release, 4 available)


Record 1: "Greetings From Asbury Park N.J." cat# CBS 65480
Record 2: "The Wild, The Innocent, & The E Street Shuffle" cat# CBS 65780
Record 3: "Born To Run" cat# CBS 69170

Notes from Lost In The Flood:
Special repackaging of the first three albums in a nice picture box; released in Australia (CBS S3BP220504), New Zealand (CBS S3BP220504) and the UK (CBS 66353). The more common UK edition originally came with a horizontal wrapper misspelling "The Wild, The Innocent & The East Street Shuffle".
Early versions had a paper horizontal 'obi' strip, on later versions this was replaced by an oblong sticker.
"Greetings From.." included black paper lyric insert.

This copy's run-out etchings:

Side 1 run-out etchings (stamped): <
Side 1 run-out etchings (hand-etched): CBS-S-65480-A3
Side 2 run-out etchings (stamped): CBS∙S∙65480∙B2 8 D
Side 3 run-out etchings (stamped): 7 C
Side 3 run-out etchings (hand-etched): CBS-S-65780∙A-3
Side 4 run-out etchings (stamped): 2 <
Side 4 run-out etchings (hand-etched): CBS-S-65780-BA
Side 5 run-out etchings (stamped): 6 ᗝ
Side 5 run-out etchings (hand-etched): CBS-S-69170-A4
Side 6 run-out etchings (stamped): ⌴
Side 6 run-out etchings (hand-etched): CBS-S-69170-B2 TIMTOM

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