CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Swedish Rhapsody
2 Blue Danube
3 Blue Tango
4 Spanish Gypsy Dance
5 Mexican Hat Dance
6 American Suite
7 Greensleeves
8 Tales from the Vienna Woods
9 Londonderry Air
10 Arrivederci Roma
11 Italian Fantasia
12 Tritsch Tratsch Polka
13 Barcarolle “Tales of Hofman”
14 Carnival of Venice
15 Amazing Grace
16 La Danza
17 Catari (Core ’ngrato)
18 Blue Sky (Blauer Himmel)


CD 1

premiered in:
Wien, Austria (1867-02-15) (track 2)
additional composer:
Jacques Offenbach (track 13)
Renato Rascel (Italian singer) (track 10)
Josef Rixner (track 18)
Gioachino Rossini (Italian composer 1792-1868) (track 16)
Johann Strauss (Austro-German composer, "Walzerkönig", Johann Strauss II, Sohn, Jr., the Younger, the Son) (tracks 8, 12)
[anonymous] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 15)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (tracks 5, 7, 9, 14)
Johann Strauss (Austro-German composer, "Walzerkönig", Johann Strauss II, Sohn, Jr., the Younger, the Son) (1866) (track 2)
Salvatore Cardillo (Italian-American composer) (1911) (track 17)
Leroy Anderson (1951) (track 3)
Stanley Black (tracks 1–18)
Mike Ross (engineer) (tracks 1–18)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 7)
Pietro Garinei (track 10)
Sandro Giovannini (track 10)
John Newton (English poet) (track 15)
Carlo Pepoli (Italian librettist, 19th c.) (track 16)
Ricardo Cordiferro (1911) (track 17)
Barry Knight (tracks 1–18)
Carl Sigman (track 10)
Felice Partichela (track 5)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 15)
phonographic copyright by:
Avenue Recordings Japan Inc. (1998) (tracks 1–18)
Rokstone Music Ltd (track 15)
Universal Classics & Jazz (Japanese company - read the annotation before using!) (track 15)
Universal Music Publishing Group Japan (work publisher - do NOT use as a release label) (track 15)
recorded at:
Whitfield Street Studios (operating under this name only since 2004, see annotation for history) in London, England, United Kingdom (tracks 1–18)
part of:
Works of Johann Strauss Jr. by opus number (number: op. 214) (track 12)
Works of Johann Strauss Jr. by opus number (number: op. 314) (track 2)
Works of Johann Strauss Jr. by opus number (number: op. 325) (track 8)
arrangement of:
Amazing Grace (Ernie Rettino/Debby Kerner Rettino arrangement) (track 15)
Amazing Grace (arr. Daniel Lanois) (track 15)
Amazing Grace (John Rutter's arrangement of the popular hymn) (track 15)
Amazing Grace (Keith McCutchen's ~2005 arrangement of the hymn) (track 15)
Amazing Grace (for wind ensemble, Maldonado) (track 15)
Amazing Grace (Mark O’Connor arrangement) (track 15)
Amazing Grace (arrangement by Himes of the hymn, for brass band) (track 15)
Amazing Grace (Mullaney and Abbott's arrangement of the hym, ~1972) (track 15)
An der schönen, blauen Donau, op. 314 (for piano, by Cziffra) (track 2)
España cañí (track 4)
Greensleeves (Mannheim Steamroller arrangement) (track 7)
Greensleeves (Jazz Waltz arrangement) (track 7)
Greensleeves (track 7)
Greensleeves (arr. Chilcott) (track 7)
London Derriere (track 9)
Londonderry Air (for violin and piano, Kreisler) (track 9)
Londonderry Air (catch-all for arrangements) (track 9)
My Lady Greensleeves (Roger Quilter arrangement for women's voices (2 part) and piano) (track 7)
The Carnival of Venice (arr. Cere) (track 14)
Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, op. 214 (catch-all for arrangements) (track 12)
Tritsch–Tratsch Polka, op. 214 (for brass, Richards) (track 12)
アメイジング・グレイス (Flute Ensemble Triptyque arrangement) (track 15)
has revision:
Greensleeves (Nox Arcana version) (track 7)
is the basis for:
Amazing Grace (Jonathan Richman’s version) (track 15)
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (track 15)
An der schönen blauen Donau (Comedian Harmonists version) (track 2)
Danny Boy (track 9)
Grace Like Rain (track 15)
Greensleeves (new year carol) (track 7)
Güzel Sevda Bahçesi Gül Bizim Mestimize (Based on Les contes d'Hoffmann: Barcarolle) (track 13)
G’schichten aus dem Wienerwald (vocal version) (track 8)
I would be true (track 9)
Red Danube (track 2)
The Blue Danube (Spike Jones version) (track 2)
Valencia (track 4)
クロスロード (track 9)
仁愛的心 (track 15)
寂寞聖誕 (track 7)
(track 13)
later parody versions:
later translated versions:
Sinitaivas (track 18)
願いごと (track 9)
later versions:
Amazing Grace (Heinz Gietz's arrangement of the hymn, ~1979) (track 15)
Amazing Grace (incl. 4th verse by Beecher-Stowe) (track 15)
Blue Tango (track 3)
Loin (Greensleeves) (track 7)
River of Light (track 2)
part of:
Soirées musicales (track 16)
recording of:
Amazing Grace (popular hymn first published 1779, catch-all) (track 15)
Arrivederci Roma (track 10)
Blauer Himmel (track 18)
Blue Tango (original instrumental version) (track 3)
Carnival of Venice (track 14)
Core ’ngrato (track 17)
España cañí (track 4)
Greensleeves (track 7)
Jarabe Tapatío (Mexican Hat Dance) (track 5)
Les Contes d'Hoffmann: Barcarolle (catch-all for arrangements) (track 13)
Londonderry Air (track 9)
referred to in medleys:
Waarheen, waarvoor (Mieke Telkamp song) (track 15)
Comedy in Music, Part II (tracks 2, 8)


executive producer: Masao Shima
copyrighted by: Avenue Recordings Japan Inc. (1998)
distributed by: Avenue Recordings Japan Inc.
manufactured by: Avenue Recordings Japan Inc.
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