Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Day ’n’ Nite
Kid Cudi 3:40
2 Battlefield
Jordin Sparks 3.5 3:59
3 TiK ToK
Ke$ha 4.45 3:19
4 Baby
Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris 3:35
5 My First Kiss
3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha 4 3:12
6 DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love
Usher feat. Pitbull 3:40
7 Like a G6
Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs & Dev 5 3:38
8 What the Hell
Avril Lavigne 3.25 3:39
9 Party Rock Anthem (radio edit)
LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock 3:52
10 Pumped up Kicks
Foster the People 4.55 3:57
11 Love You Like a Love Song
Selena Gomez 3.65 3:06
12 Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
Kelly Clarkson 3:40
13 Call Me Maybe
Carly Rae Jepsen 4.5 3:12
14 Gangnam Style
PSY 4.35 3:38
15 Cruise
Florida Georgia Line 3:29


Digital Media 1

bass, drums and guitar:
Shellback (track 8)
Max Martin (track 8)
additional vocals:
Benjamin Levin (aka Benjamin Levin) (track 5)
Dr. Luke (track 5)
assistant engineer:
Tatiana Gottwald (track 5)
Tim Roberts (engineer) (track 8)
assistant mixer:
Tim Roberts (engineer) (track 5)
Jai Sang Park (South Korean singer and rapper) (track 14)
Keon Hyung Yoo (track 14)
Mark Foster (of Foster the People) (track 10)
Emily Wright (track 5)
Benjamin Levin (aka Benjamin Levin) (track 5)
John Hanes (audio engineer, mixer) (track 8)
Sam Holland (track 5)
Emily Wright (track 5)
guest performer:
The Cataracs (track 7)
Christopher Bridges (US American rapper and actor) (track 4)
Armando Perez (American rapper) (track 6)
guest vocals:
Armando Perez (American rapper) (track 6)
DEV (pop-singer Devin Star Tailes) (track 7)
Ke$ha (track 5)
Benjamin Levin (aka Benjamin Levin) (track 5)
Dr. Luke (track 5)
Nathaniel Motte (track 5)
lead vocals:
Carly Rae Jepsen (track 13)
Jai Sang Park (South Korean singer and rapper) (track 14)
Mark Foster (of Foster the People) (track 10)
miscellaneous support:
Megan Dennis (track 5)
Irene Richter (track 5)
Vanessa Silberman (track 5)
Mark Foster (of Foster the People) (track 10)
John Hanes (audio engineer, mixer) (track 5)
Serban Ghenea (tracks 5, 8)
Mark Foster (of Foster the People) (track 10)
Benny Bianco (track 5)
Dr. Luke (track 5)
Max Martin (track 8)
Josh Ramsay (track 13)
Shellback (track 8)
3OH!3 (track 5)
Mark Foster (of Foster the People) (track 10)
Benjamin Levin (aka Benjamin Levin) (track 5)
Dr. Luke (track 5)
Nathaniel Motte (track 5)
recorded by:
Max Martin (track 8)
Shellback (track 8)
Mark Foster (of Foster the People) (track 10)
3OH!3 (track 5)
Antonina Armato (track 11)
Justin Bieber (track 4)
Benjamin Levin (aka Benjamin Levin) (tracks 3, 5)
Tavish Crowe (track 13)
Christine Flores (track 4)
Sean Foreman (track 5)
Lukasz Gottwald (tracks 3, 5)
Tim James (US singer, songwriter and record producer) (track 11)
Carly Rae Jepsen (track 13)
Savan Kotecha (track 6)
Avril Lavigne (track 8)
Christopher Bridges (US American rapper and actor) (track 4)
Max Martin (tracks 6, 8)
Nathaniel Motte (track 5)
Armando Perez (American rapper) (track 6)
Josh Ramsay (track 13)
Adam Schmalholz (track 11)
Shellback (tracks 6, 8)
Christopher Stewart (Producer, C. "Tricky" Stewart) (track 4)
Terius Nash (US singer, songwriter & RnB producer Terius Youngdell Nash) (track 4)
Ke$ha (track 3)
phonographic copyright by:
Photo Finish Records, LLC (2010) (track 5)
Interscope Records (2012) (track 13)
School Boy (2012) (track 13)
Schoolboy (2012) (track 14)
Universal Republic Records (2012) (track 14)
Akashic Field Music (track 11)
Antonina Songs (track 11)
BMG Gold Songs (track 13)
BMG Rights Management (the new BMG since Oct 2008, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann AG since Mar 2013, trades under the name BMG Chrysalis in the US/UK/SE) (track 13)
Dick Jams (track 5)
Dynamite Cop Music (track 3)
In Q Music (track 11)
Mafia Della Roccia (track 11)
Matza Ball Music (tracks 3, 5)
Songs of Universal, Inc. (tracks 4, 11)
Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc. (not an imprint, post-2008 subsidiary) (track 14)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (track 14)
Universal Tunes (track 14)
WB Music Corp. (track 4)
Where Da Kasz At (track 5)
mixed at:
recorded at:
karaoke versions:
A New Gangnam by Eonothem (track 14)
Catch Me Maybe by Triple-Q (track 13)
Chase Me Maybe by Triple-Q (track 13)
Cheetnam Men by Unikorn (track 14)
Covetous Gangnam by Triple-Q (track 14)
Crash Mash by RosalinaSama (track 14)
Crazy Psy by RosalinaSama (track 14)
Dango Style by RitzCookies (track 14)
Dark Styler by Triple-Q (track 14)
Demon op Song by Triple-Q (track 14)
Dragonstyler by Triple-Q (track 14)
Duel Style by Triple-Q (track 14)
EYYY Gangnamrena by Triple-Q (track 14)
Eyyyncient Dragon by Triple-Q (track 14)
Flexstyle Sentry by Triple-Q (track 14)
Forgoppan by RosalinaSama & Triple-Q (track 14)
Gangjula by Triple-Q (track 14)
Gangnam Birds by Triple-Q (track 14)
Gangnam Damage by Psy Floyd (track 14)
Gangnam Dragon by Triple-Q (track 14)
Gangnam POWER by Triple-Q (track 14)
Gangnam Pit by HyperboltEDM (track 14)
Gangnam by Style by McMaNGOS (track 14)
Gangnambomber by RosalinaSama (track 14)
Gangnamcut by RosalinaSama & Triple-Q (track 14)
Gangnamiru by L3dgy (track 14)
Gangnamronpa by Triple-Q (track 14)
Gangnamscada by Flaky (track 14)
Gangnamscape by Omario009 (track 14)
Gangnam♥Express by Triple-Q (track 14)
Get Gangnam by McMaNGOS (track 14)
Infinite Mashups by Triple-Q (track 14)
Instant Gangnam by McMaNGOS (track 14)
JetPsy JoyStyle by NHKira (track 14)
Mashups Like This by Triple-Q (track 14)
Muganghwa by Antirest (track 14)
My Cloud Kingdom by G3RSt (track 5)
Nashandra Style by Triple-Q (track 14)
Nonstop Pop 2012 by Isosine (track 14)
Nudist Psych by L3dgy (track 14)
Numbers by Neil Cicierega (track 13)
Opapollo Style by StepShy (track 14)
Opp Dragonsleyyer by Triple-Q (track 14)
Opp Psyorn King by Triple-Q (track 14)
Oppan & Smaah by L3dgy (track 14)
PSYing Fairy by Truongasm (track 14)
Party on the Floor (Capital FM Summertime Ball Mashup) by DJ Earworm (track 7)
Psy Myself by RosalinaSama & Triple-Q (track 14)
Psylent Hill by Triple-Q (track 14)
Psyral Mountain by Triple-Q (track 14)
Psyre Keepers by Triple-Q (track 14)
Road to G6 by Psycosis (track 7)
Ruin Psyentinel by Triple-Q (track 14)
Runaweyyy by RosalinaSama & Triple-Q (track 14)
Scoppioness by Triple-Q (track 14)
Slash the Style by Triple-Q (track 14)
Splash Free Style by Triple-Q (track 14)
Styling by Triple-Q (track 14)
Stylvius by L3dgy (track 14)
Subutan Style by L3dgy (track 14)
Supermassive Op Hole by L3dgy (track 14)
The Gangnam Gate by Triple-Q (track 14)
The Last Gangnam by Triple-Q (track 14)
The Lost Psynner by Triple-Q (track 14)
The Oppan by Triple-Q (track 14)
The Purpsyer by Triple-Q (track 14)
Viva Bodies by Triple-Q (track 14)
With Psy by RosalinaSama & Triple-Q (track 14)
YOU SAVE STYLE by Truongasm (track 14)
gangnam reflection by samtrax (track 14)
glitch op by Swordy (track 14)
opnan gnanam sytle by Pupscud (track 14)
Psychosocial Baby by Isosine (2011) (track 4)
music videos:
Gangnam Style by PSY (track 14)
CWC-Tok by Liquid Chris (track 3)
Ey Sexy Lady by Psycosis (track 14)
GAMEnam Style by jefftheworld (track 14)
Gangno Use by Triple-Q (track 14)
What the Hell by 61degrees (track 8)
sampled by:
On and On by Girl Talk (track 3)
Psy Fart by lihanEAD (track 14)
Little Haters by Bei Maejor (2011) (track 10)
Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me) by Jaden Smith (2012) (track 10)
part of:
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 46) (track 10)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
GIVE ME SCABIES (track 13)
Puffed-Up Cliques (track 10)
recording of:
Baby (track 4)
Battlefield (track 2)
Call Me Maybe (track 13)
Like a G6 (track 7)
My First Kiss (track 5)
Pumped Up Kicks (track 10)
TiK ToK (track 3)
What the Hell (track 8)
강남스타일 (track 14)
referred to in medleys:
NOW That’s What I Call Polka! (tracks 10, 13–14)
Polka Face (tracks 3–4)