computerchemist's fifth album "music for earthquakes" was released in February 2011. A departure from his normal style, this is an ambient album inspired directly from a 4,8 magnitude earthquake in Hungary on the 29th January 2011. Using raw seismological data from earthquake stations in Tés (Left channel) and Budapest (Right channel) for track 1, and Tés (Left channel) and Gánt (Right channel) for track 2, 3 hours of observational data have been turned into just over 30 minutes of ambience, processed only through harmonic generators, with no other effects or post processing applied. This is music, from earthquakes, for earthquakes.

Many thanks to Mónus Péter for his assistance at MTA GGKI Budapest and Dr. Tóth László at the GeoRisk Earthquake Research Institute

The Earth: Tectonic Plates

Terrainflight is a trading name of Each2 Kft.

Recorded and Produced by Dave Pearson at Terrainflight Hungary Feb 2011

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Music for Earthquakes 1
2 Music for Earthquakes 2