Label: Orb Music Production - Catalog #: CDMK 4

I can only guess that the credited "Orb Music Production" is the label, release country is also not clear.

The last track and the real artists of the remixed tracks by The Orb aren't credited on the cover.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Beams of Light (Depths of an Ocean's Love)
Pato Banton 7:56
2 Earth (Gaia) (live at Brixton '91)
The Orb 9:02
3 Tong Poo (Planet of the Crossing mix)
Yellow Magic Orchestra 10:18
4 Peace in the Middle East (radio edit)
Apollo XI 3:24
5 Nanga Def? (Hope You Choke on Your Whale Meat mix)
Yellow Magic Orchestra 6:07
6 Fast Forward the Future (Fox's Glacier Hints mix)
Zodiac Youth 7:24
7 Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches the Sea mix)
Killing Joke 10:55
8 Into the Fourth Dimension (Essenes in Starlight)
The Orb 12:18
9 No Fun
The Orb 5:20
10 [Finale]
The Orb 0:44


CD 1

Dave Alexander (bassist for The Stooges) (track 9)
Ron Asheton (track 9)
Scott Asheton (track 9)
The Orb (track 5)
Jaz Coleman (track 7)
Paul Ferguson (track 7)
Martin Glover (track 7)
Geordie Walker (track 7)
recording of:
No Fun (track 9)
Requiem (track 7)